Tagsmart is delighted to be partnering with Own Art to provide its members with the world's only integrated artwork provenance solution.

As a leading art authentication service, Tagsmart combines physical DNA Tags, an online Provenance database and Certificates of Authenticity to identify and secure artworks. In just a few clicks, Own Art members can add value to their works by establishing a secure provenance chain and enable their collectors to buy with confidence.  

Highlighted in the Deloitte Art and Finance Report 2017 as the only business offering these services, Tagsmart has continued to grow since its launch in 2016. Tagsmart currently has over 20,000 artworks recorded on the platform and has tagged or certificated over 8,000 works by hundreds of artists, from globally renowned names such as Gary HumeTerry O'Neill and Idris Khan to new and emerging talent.

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Our Offer

1. DNA Tags and Certificates of Authenticity

Own Art members will receive a 20% discount for DNA Tags and Certificates of Authenticity. The purchase of all DNA Tags is accompanied by a free Certificate of Authenticity. Each Certificate is produced, registered and checked by our production team and then delivered directly to the artist, gallery or collector.

Prices (excluding VAT):

            FOR CANVAS                                        

            FOR CANVAS                                        

  • DNA Tags for all paper works (inc. Certificate): £16 (RRP £20)
  • DNA Tags for all mounted works (inc. Certificate): £32 (RRP £40)

  • DNA Tags for all canvas works (inc. Certificate): £44 (RRP £55)

  • Certificate of Authenticity: £8 (RRP £10)

*All prices include postage and packaging within the UK.

2. Free Tagsmart Account

In addition to discounted Tags and Certificates, Own Art members will be offered a free subscription to the Tagsmart platform, enabling easy management of artworks and Certificates.

Artists selling though Own Art will also be added to the Tagsmart Artist Register which, just like registering a domain name, will create a unique artist ID that no one using the system can later duplicate.


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