Our Story


The Tagsmart journey began with a small group of artists, framers and collectors looking for a way to add a missing dimension of trust and transparency to contemporary art.

We launched in 2016 with our first range of archival, conservator-approved DNA tags for artworks. Working closely with artists, we quickly followed up with our secure Certificates of Authenticity and then launched our provenance platform to support the myriad ways of working that make the art market so unique.

Our initial focus was on primary works coming straight from the artist’s studio and supplied to the market for sale for the first time. In 2018, our customers grew to include galleries and collectors and we began expanding our technology to support trusted provenance records for secondary works, with a vision to use our technologies to build a trusted marketplace for all our partners.

We have always been focused on one thing: enabling the sale of trusted art and working to put our technology at the service of our community, rather than enforcing solutions for technology's sake.