technologies that build a new level of trust in art transactions.

Our Provenance Platform enables artists, galleries, agents and collectors to catalogue artworks, build provenance history, issue market-leading, secure Certificates of Authenticity and submit artworks to online retailers for sale.

Our pioneering DNA tags and Certificates of Authenticity provide an unparalleled level of physical security.


Identify your artwork with a cutting-edge DNA tag that is discreet, tamper-proof and easy to apply.


Our Certificates of Authenticity and Statements of Provenance contain a host of physical security features, from encoded cut patterns to invisible proprietary markers, making them the most secure documentation in the art market today.


Store and access your artwork information from any device at any time through our highly secure system to ensure peace-of-mind.

Working with Tagsmart to create a technologically advanced and safe method of certifying my work now means that its authenticity and value is safeguarded in a simple, easy-to-use way.
— Dan Hillier, Artist

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