Provenance Platform

Our online provenance platform securely stores more than thirty thousand artwork records and is designed to meet the needs of artists, collectors, galleries and art world agents alike.

It’s free to join and makes uploading artworks and issuing Certificates simple and speedy. The platform pioneers a high level of security to ensure peace-of-mind whilst still being able to store and access artwork information from any device at any time.


Upload and manage as many artworks as you like, keeping all information in one place.


Document the story of your artwork including it’s ownership and exhibition history.


Issue a secure, physical Certificate of Authenticity or Statement of Provenance for your artwork.


Connect with trusted online retailers, open calls and other art service providers.


Technology that enables a new level of trust across the art market, promoting verified sellers and artworks.


Collectors of limited edition fine art photographic prints also have a right to expect that their provenance will be properly protected. Tagsmart have risen admirably to both these challenges. We’re delighted to have them as our partner.
— Denis O’Regan, Rock Photographer