DNA Tags

A DNA tag is a discreet and highly secure label that can be applied to an artwork. It is made up of archival materials developed in collaboration with leading artists, surface chemists and conservators.

Every tag contains a web of security components that create an individual profile for each artwork. Our tagging technologies include synthetic DNA and other compounds, all linked via a unique ID to a Certificate of Authenticity and a digital provenance record.

What is synthetic DNA?

Synthetic DNA are DNA templates that are synthesised in a laboratory, as opposed to the 'genomic' or naturally occurring DNA that determines our genetic structure.

Synthetic DNA is a useful security component because it is hard to identify, is more durable than genomic DNA, encodes significant amounts of data and is extremely difficult to reverse engineer.


Our tags use materials that have been extensively tested by conservators. As well as being highly resistant to acidification and solvent-free, our tags are carefully constructed to minimise any visual impact on the work.


Every tag has a unique ID number which links the artwork to the digital record displaying more information.


Our tags are between 8 and 30 microns thick - that’s less than half the thickness of a human hair - and are between 32mm and 38mm in diameter - a bit bigger than a 50 pence coin!


CanvasTag_for platform.jpg

Tags for Canvas

Our specialist canvas tag is permanently flexible to match the pliability of the material it is applied to and to prevent long-term effects from humidity and other environmental factors.

Tagsmart Tag for Paper Works

Tags for paper

Our paper tags are designed for most commonly-used print stocks. If you are using an unusual stock - for example, fine tissue paper - please ask us for advice before ordering. In almost every case we have a design and material that will be suitable.


Tags for hard surfaces

Our hard surface tags can be used on aluminium, plywood, foam board and most other hard surfaces. They are not suitable for works that will be stacked.


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.41.18.png

tags for frames

Our frame tags are quick to apply and provide a powerful secondary security measure for any framed work. They are particularly useful for secondary works where de-framing would be inconvenient.

Having seen and experienced the Tagsmart solution, I believe it will become a fundamental rule of thumb in protecting and securing artworks worldwide. This DNA Tag will revolutionise the art market giving artists’ the opportunity to safeguard their highest valued works.
— Deborah Azzopardi, Pop Artist