Our Certificates of Authenticity and Statements of Provenance contain a host of security features, from encoded cut patterns to invisible proprietary markers, making them the most secure documentation in the art market today.

All Certificates and Statements are printed on high-quality, 270gsm archival paper and can be shipped to the recipient and address of your choice.

Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity is an essential document of authorship that protects buyers and sellers. A Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity can only be issued by the artist or by an accredited third party specifically authorised for this purpose.

Every Certificate is signed by the artist or by the authority who issued it. The Certificate is also linked to a digital provenance record which the owner of the artwork has access to.


KEY features

Security cuts

Encoded security cuts add an extra layer of security.

Digital record

Every Certificate of Authenticity links to a digital provenance record. To view this go to Public Search and enter the name of the artist or artwork. Alternatively, scan the QR code with a smartphone using a QR code reader. Please note: the digital record may have been made private by the owner of the artwork.

The artwork

The core artwork information and image is supplied by the artist or a third-party specifically authorised by the artist to issue the Certificate on their behalf.


Details of the past and current artwork owner. Please note that this information will only appear on the Certificate at the discretion of the individual who issues it. It is not shown on the digital record.


Every Certificate of Authenticity is signed by the artist or by the third-party specifically authorised by the artist to issue the Certificate.

Void tape

The holographic-bordered tape is part of the Certificate verification system and must not be removed unless instructed to do so by Tagsmart. Removing the tape will void the Certificate.


Statement of Provenance *new*

A Statement of Provenance confirms the provenance history of an artwork as registered on the Tagsmart platform. It incorporates the same range of security features as our Certificates of Authenticity, including security cuts, holographic void tape and the digital provenance record.

A Statement of Provenance can only be issued by a verified Tagsmart user who has submitted proof-of-identity documentation.

For more information, email us at hello@tagsmart.com.


Key Features

A Statement of Provenance has similar security features to a Certificate of Authenticity, including the security cuts, holographic void tape and the digital provenance record which you can access by scanning the QR code.

In addition to these, a Statement has it’s own unique features.

Provenance History

Every Statement of Provenance has details of the artwork’s history, from creation and acquisition to framing and exhibition.


All Statements are signed by the Tagsmart Registrar to confirm that the document represents the data provided by the party making the Statement and held on the Tagsmart Platform at the date of issue.

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