Developed by the art world for the art world, Tagsmart offers you all-round complete art authentication solutions.

Endorsed by leading and upcoming artists, Tagsmart uses DNA tagging technology to identify artworks alongside a unique system for issuing secure Certificates of Authenticity. These services are fully integrated with Provenance Record which enables artists to verify the authenticity of their artworks and create an accredited ownership history over time.  

Whether you are an artist, a collector, or a gallery, Tagsmart is the perfect solution for you.


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DNA Tags

Protect an artwork in seconds, using revolutionary technology featuring the latest DNA and security elements.

Certificate of Authenticity

A single click generates a secure Certificate of Authenticity, providing accredited ownership history.

Provenance Record

Create, access, display and share an artwork's history which becomes a passport over time.

Colette Loll, Founder of Art Fraud Insights

"Tagsmart’s Canvas Tag is a powerful countermeasure, offering protection to a large segment of the market. I am encouraged by the innovation which sets a new standard in authentication."

Deborah Azzopardi

"Tagsmart gives me the ability to confirm to my collectors the authenticity and provenance of my works. It protects my legacy and stops any potential forgery to come my way."

Kurt Beers, Director Beers London

"Tagsmart is a simple and effective method of authenticating works, providing our collectors with the security and peace of mind that each piece comes directly from the artists' studio."

Robin Morgan, CEO & Creative Director Iconic Images

“Tagsmart presents a sea of change in the industry, offering a robust and fail-safe mechanism to verify art and photography. It is great news for us, and great news for collectors.”

Interested in using Tagsmart?