Tagsmart Certify

A new standard for authenticity in art

Tagsmart offers smart, secure solutions for the 21st century art world, designed for the creators, sellers and buyers of art. 
Our Tagsmart Certify products can be used individually or collectively, from physical smart tagging to paper and digital certificates.

Tagsmart Certify Physical Smart Tags


Copyright protect an artwork in seconds, using revolutionary technology featuring the latest DNA and inorganic taggants.

Tagsmart Certify Smart Certificates


A single click generates a secure Certificate of Authenticity for collectors, providing irrefutable evidence of ownership and provenance.

Tagsmart Certify Digital Certificates


Becomes a passport over time featuring the artwork's provenance and searchable in our online database with privacy settings set by the collector.

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Some Of Our Artists


"A straightforward means of protecting my intellectual property; with the swift application of a tag I can certify my works, and disown forgeries wherever they appear. Tagsmart Certify has allowed me to build stronger relationships with collectors, who now know they can purchase my works with absolute certainty that it has come directly from my studio."


"To be able to authenticate my work using the latest technology as I sign it and enter its details into an online searchable database makes it so much easier for people to track the history of the work and its authenticity in years to come. Simple and effective."


"Tagsmart Certify gives me the ability to demonstrate to my collectors the provenance and authenticity of my works. It protects my legacy and stops any potential forgery to come my way."

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