Driving art sales by delivering trust

Developed by the art world for the art world, Tagsmart offers you all-round complete art authentication solutions.

Endorsed by leading and upcoming artists, Tagsmart's triple-lock of DNA Tags, highly secure Certificates of Authenticity and digitally encrypted transactions provides unparalleled security while adding value to your artwork by building an accredited provenance history over time.


DNA Tags

Protect an artwork in seconds, using revolutionary technology featuring the latest DNA and security elements.


Certificate of Authenticity

A single click generates a secure Certificate of Authenticity, providing accredited ownership history.

Provenance Record

Create a secure online record for your artwork, allowing others to access and share its history. 

                                   WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US

Gary Hume, Artist

“To be able to authenticate my work using the latest technology as I sign it and enter its details into an online searchable database makes it so much easier for people to track the history of the work and its authenticity in years to come. Simple and effective.”


Terry O'Neill, Photographer

"Tagsmart’s authentication solution reassures me and my collectors that the work they are buying is authentic and it’s value will be protected."

Idris Khan, Artist

“So pleased to work with Tagsmart on the creation of the first version of their tagging system designed for bronze artworks. As always, it's a pleasure to work with the Tagsmart team."

Robin Morgan, CEO & Creative Director Iconic Images

“Tagsmart presents a sea of change in the industry, offering a robust and fail-safe mechanism to verify art and photography. It is great news for us, and great news for collectors.”

            Professor Steve Macleod, Director Metro Imaging

“We at Metro Imaging believe that Tagsmart have come up with a system that should be    adopted  across the creative industries."                                                                                                           

Denis O'Regan, Rock Star Photographer

“State of the art authentication and security are both critical to ‘ Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’. We’re the first David Bowie project to use the official David Bowie Estate Stamps, so it’s vital to protect it from counterfeiting. Collectors of limited edition fine art photographic prints also have a right to expect that their provenance will be properly protected. Tagsmart have risen admirably to both these challenges. We’re delighted to have them as our partner.”

Deborah Azzopardi, Pop Artist

"Having seen and experienced the Tagsmart solution, I believe it will become a fundamental rule of thumb in protecting and securing artworks worldwide. This DNA Tag will revolutionise the art market giving artists' the opportunity to safeguard their highest valued works."

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