Tagsmart dinner 2019 - My Art Haven

Tagsmart dinner 2019 - My Art Haven

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting our annual Tagsmart dinner at The Groucho Club. Founded in 1985, the Groucho has been dubbed “the approved watering hole for the creative industries”, attracting a long list of incredible artists over the years.

We had a brilliant evening with friends from a whole range of backgrounds and discussed the ways in which we all aim to contribute to the future of the art world.

To mark the occasion we asked each of our guests one simple question: if money and space were no object, what artwork would you have in your living room?

We’ve been asking this question for more than two years and are constantly delighted by the unpredictability and range of responses. We’ve shared last night’s incredible list below with you:

Michael Hoppen (Director of Michael Hoppen Gallery) kicked off proceedings with the magnificent triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights by the Early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch.

The garden of earthly delights tagsmart dinner groucho club

Sophie Noire (Senior Business Development Executive at Tagsmart) chose Urs Fischer’s Bread House. Presented for the first time at the Milan Triennale in 2004, this piece would occupy her entire living room!

Urs Fischer’s Bread House. Tagsmart Dinner Groucho Club

Adriano Picinati di Torcello (Director of Global Art & Finance and Coordinator at Deloitte Luxembourg) selected Fire and Water, a part of the Martyrs series by the famous video artist Bill Viola.

Bill viola martyr Tagsmart Dinner Groucho Club

Pavel Baskakov (Product Manager at Tagsmart) chose an artefact rather than an artwork: an Astrolabe from the 10th Century by Ahmed Ben Khalaf.

Astrolabe Ahmed Ben Khalaf Tagsmart Groucho Club

Elinor Olisa (Director and Co-Founder of Artellite) would be happy to have any piece by Picasso, however, if she had to choose (and considering that space is no object) her must-have piece would be Guernica.

pablo-picasso guernica Tagsmart Dinner Groucho Club

Charlotte Britton (Key Accounts Manager at Tagsmart) picked the bronze work Chroma by the leading American-figurative sculptor Richard MacDonald for its sheer ambition and dynamism.

Richard MacDonald Tasgmart

Selina Day (Spokesperson for street artist Bambi) would own anything by the photographer Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams Tagsmart Groucho Club London

Melanie Gerlis (Columnist & contributor at the Financial Times, Editor at large at The Art Newspaper) selected a fascinating Medieval Manuscript calendar.

Medieval Manuscript Tagsmart Art Certification

Steve Cooke (Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder of Tagsmart) chose a small abstracted landscape by British artist Gerald Park, an inspiring man who picks up a paint brush every single day.

Gerald Park Tagsmart Artist

Caroline Von Massenbach (Senior Specialist Prints and Multiples at Bonhams) wants to always be connected to the sea through a seascape by Gerhard Richter.

seascape by Gerhard Richter Tagsmart Artist Dinner

Marine Tanguy (Founder of MTArt Agency) chose Géricault’s The Raft of Medusa, a painting that had a lasting impact on her when she saw it for the first time. However, Marine insisted on leaving the work in the Louvre to ensure that others are able to experience the same emotions she felt.

Géricault’s The Raft of Medusa, louvre Tasgmart Dinner

Charlotte Bearn (Managing director at Tagsmart) chose the captivating animations of William Kentridge, based on the artist’s charcoal drawings. Charlotte would screen the animations alongside a display of the sketches.

William Kentridge artist Tagsmart My Art Haven

Brandei Estes (Head of Photography at Sotheby’s London) didn’t hesitate to choose Las Meninas by Velazquez, a painting that encourages her to find something new in everything she looks at it.

las meninas velazquez prado Tagsmart Dinner

Natalia Gonzalez Martin (Business Development Executive at Tagsmart ) chose another Spanish work Drowning Dog by Goya, which has inspired many of her paintings.

Drowning Dog Goya Tagsmart Natalia Gonzalez Martin

Isobel Beauchamp (Co-Founder and Director of Artellite) would like to have the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the monumental interactive sculpture by Anish Kapoor that stands the Olympic Park, Stratford. Isobel currently sees it every morning from her living room window but wouldn't mind moving it a little closer to home.

Anish Kappor Tagsmart Dinner Art Certification

Romane Howsam (Founder of Lymited) choose The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

kLIMT tagsmarrt Romane Howsam

Jamie Gourlay (Co-Founder of Queen’s Fine Art and 10 Hanover) would like to have any of David Hockney’s Swimming Pool series.

David Hockney Swimming Pool Tagsmart

Katherine Oliver (Art Sales Programme Curator at the Royal Academy) would line her living room floor with turf and invite Richard Long to create a masterpiece.

Richard Long Tagsmart

Tom Toumazis (Executive Chairman at Tagsmart) requested one of the unique documentary images of the D-Day landings by Robert Capa, the only photographer to arrive with the first wave on Omaha Beach.

Robert Cappa D Day Tom Toumazis Tagsmart

And you? What artwork would you choose for your living room if money and space were no object? If you’d like to share your artwork with us, write to us here.