Solasta Studios partners with Tagsmart to become the first US-based studio to certificate every online sale

“We are excited to be the first studio in the United States to partner with Tagsmart. Providing our collectors with Tagsmarts innovative DNA tagging and artwork verification technology ensures that an investment in a Solasta Limited Edition is protected as it is passed down through the generations”.

Mick McElroy, Managing Partner of Solasta Studios

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London (4 October 2018) - Tagsmart, the global innovators of DNA tagging and artwork verification, today announces a partnership with Solasta Studios, who represent the exclusive collection of limited edition giclée prints of American artists Martha and Jon McElroy.

Tagsmart will offer their certification and verification services to Solasta Studios to certify every limited edition sold online.

Solasta Studios will be the first studio in the USA to secure all of their online sales using Tagsmart’s pioneering technology

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Tagsmart Weekly Discovery: Ana Palma

Ana Palma is a Portuguese artist and illustrator based in London. She moved to London in 2015 where she is developing her careers as a freelancer and visual artist. Ana trained at the Faculty of Fine Art of Porto with a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Teaching Visual Arts.

Ana’s practice intends to explore the relationship between human beings and Nature. Women, insects, and other natural elements are brought together, as a result of her fascination and longing for the natural world. Her drawing idiosyncrasy and her curiosity for colour and its transparencies are explored through a variety of materials but mainly watercolour and watercolour pencils on paper.

Ana’s creative process always begins with a drawing, usually from photographs and objects that she collects. Intuition has an important role in the artworks’ composition, as Ana allows herself to be free to make choices based on what she feels. Therefore, each artwork is an experience that results in a figurative style, expressing her personal journeys to memories, emotions, and symbolism.

The creation of her art begins with a drawing, usually from photographies and objects that she collects. The composition of Ana’s artwork is the result of her inner feelings expressing personal journeys to memories, emotions, and symbolism.

To find out more about Ana Palma visit her website: http://ana-palma.com

Tagsmart Weekly Discovery: Helen Brough’s perception of reality through the inner being

Helen Brough is a British painter, drawer, sculptor, and installation artist. She trained at Chelsea School of Art in London and achieved a BA Honors First Class and MA in sculpture.

Her awards include the Prix de Rome and the Prince Charles travel scholarship. The Soros foundation funded her exhibitions in Romania and Hungary. In America, she received funding from the Pollock/Krasner Foundation and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

Brough’s work focuses on urban, botanical, sea sceneries and landscapes. She is fascinated by the unconscious, the meaning of dreams and illusions that contribute to representing a hidden inner reality. The meaning of her works: landscape or abstract from monumental installations to small watercolours, represent the perception of reality and the force of nature.

She exhibited in the England, America, Sweden, and Norway with solo exhibitions and group shows. Her work has been selected from major collections among the Collins-Stewart-Hawkpoint-Conacord collection in London, Cantor Fitzgerald collection, William Louis Dreyfus collection in New York, National Art Museum in Budapest and Ashurst Corporation in London


Helena Brough’s exhibition Dahlia Cuore can be seen at Broadgate Gallery until the 3rd of November.