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Tagsmart First Open Call

Tagsmart First Open Call

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Open Call! We were thrilled to receive so many high calibre submissions and we want to thank everyone for their time.

After much deliberation, we were able to shortlist four artists…

Helen Brough, Natural Realities

Helen Brough, Natural Realities

Helen graduated from Chelsea School of Art with an MA in Sculpture in 1990, since then, her artistic trajectory has included group and solo shows internationally, such as The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn NY, the RA Summer Show in London.

Our Mental Health Day

On October the 10th we celebrated the International World Mental Health day as a team and we did some activities together.

We saw some art

A big thank you to all those who put on such a great show at Mind The Art...we were there (and you can go too, closes 22nd October). It is such a powerful exhibition with talented artists focusing on mental health and personal experiences. A must see exhibition!

We met some strangers...and it was great!

Before that we were outside the Tate Modern to find out just how much the public valued work to help them through tough times.

We asked people standing outside Tate what artist would make them de stress and feel peaceful. So many great artists - a huge thank you to everyone who shared with us a bit of art.

At Tagsmart the art of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Juan Fontanive, Hiba Schahbaz  make us feeling at peace and truly alive.

mental health day tagsmart

Among many artists, Yayoi Kusama was just one of the high profile artists around the world also giving their support.

And what did you do on Mental Health Day? We’d love to hear your stories!

Solasta Studios partners with Tagsmart to become the first US-based studio to certificate every online sale

“We are excited to be the first studio in the United States to partner with Tagsmart. Providing our collectors with Tagsmarts innovative DNA tagging and artwork verification technology ensures that an investment in a Solasta Limited Edition is protected as it is passed down through the generations”.

Mick McElroy, Managing Partner of Solasta Studios

martha solasta studios tagsmart

London (4 October 2018) - Tagsmart, the global innovators of DNA tagging and artwork verification, today announces a partnership with Solasta Studios, who represent the exclusive collection of limited edition giclée prints of American artists Martha and Jon McElroy.

Tagsmart will offer their certification and verification services to Solasta Studios to certify every limited edition sold online.

Solasta Studios will be the first studio in the USA to secure all of their online sales using Tagsmart’s pioneering technology

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Tagsmart tags Chris Levine’s latest series of portraits showing at The Fine Art Society

Tagsmart have worked with Chris Levine on his latest exhibition ‘Who are wE’ at The Fine Art Society until 19 May 2017. In his breath-taking photographs, the artist uses lenticular light-boxes illuminating the world’s most famous faces in three dimensions.


The highly acclaimed artist joined Tagsmart in November 2016 to protect his artwork and seal the authenticity of his photographs. For this exhibition, the Tagsmart team visited TwelveArts to carefully place our Smart Tags for paper and aluminium on his most recent series of British Portraits, these included; supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, fashion designer Paul Smith and explorer and author Sir Ranulph Fiennes, to name a few.


Our Smart Tags hold the most advanced technological security features, including our unique synthetic DNA. All Smart Tags are incredibly discrete, carefully applied to the back of an artwork. These are entirely tamperproof and if you were to attempt to remove it, then it would be completely destroyed and deemed unusable. Each unique Smart Tag links to a physical certificate and digital artwork record and together provides an irrefutable solution for sealing artwork authenticity.


Most recently Levine’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen ‘Lightness of Being’, hailed as one of the most iconic images of the 21st century, sold at Sotheby’s for a staggering £187,500. Tagsmart is honoured to collaborate with such a renowned artist, who combines art and technology in the creation of innovative work.