Tagsmart will offer its certification services across Artellite’s platforms

Tagsmart, the global innovators of DNA tagging and artwork verification, and Artellite Ltd ecommerce for the arts industry pioneers, are delighted to announce their new partnership which will see Tagsmart offering its certification technology through Artellite’s online galleries,, Contemporary Collective, and

The certification service will be powered by Tagsmart who operate the world’s leading provenance, certification and asset verification company focussed exclusively in the art world. Dedicated to driving art sales by delivering trust,  Tagsmart will offer Artellite’s collectors secure physical and digital certification. As part of the collaboration, Tagsmart will become a supporter of the 2018 Student & Graduate artists art award ‘the Signature Art Prize’, powered by Artellite.


Artellite, is the ecommerce solution designed for the curated art world, which exists to lead the emerging, handpicked art market online. Now with over 4,500 users and over 65,000 listed artworks, Artellite exists to solve and respond to the challenges the art market faces as it embraces the power of ecommerce.

Artellite powers gallery brands,, &

The Signature Art Prize

The Signature Art Prize was established by gallery Directors Isobel Beauchamp and Elinor Olisa in 2007 to celebrate and identify emerging artists’ ‘Signature Style’. They define an artist’s ‘signature style’ as being “that which makes an artist unique; a combination of process and method, contributed to by the artist’s own personality which results in a piece that is unique and specific to them.”

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Tagsmart is Crowdfunding!

After weeks of preparation our Seedrs campaign has launched. We are #crowdfunding to develop the world’s first trading platform enabling artists, collectors and retailers to trade #TrustedArt online.

 Have your share in our success and join us as we democratise the art market. Find out more about our business and our comparing here:

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The world’s first platform to trade trusted art online

Tagsmart is delighted to announce the development of the world’s first platform to trade trusted art online provisionally entitled: the ‘Hub’. 

The Hub will be the first platform to enable the trade of trusted art online through the UK’s first B2B artwork aggregation service. Artists will be able to submit trusted art, pre-tagged and with a Certificate of Authenticity, directly to online retailers.

The Hub will launch in September 2018 with the support of leading and emerging artists registered on the Tagsmart platform who will offer their works for sale.  Further announcement of retailer partners will be made in the coming weeks. 

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Tagsmart weekly discovery: Sara Shamsavari’s global identity

Born in Tehran in the midst of the Iranian revolution, multi-disciplinary artist Sara Shamsavari overcame childhood cancer while she and her family fled persecution.

Raised in London and educated at Camberwell School of Art and Design and Central Saint Martins, her experiences inspired her exploration of identity and engendered a profound desire to make a difference through art.

At a time of increased division, conflict and polarisation around the world, Shamsavari’s works explore and celebrate global identity. While each of her photographic series has a distinct focus, together, they all seek to encourage a deeper understanding of our nuances as human beings in contrast to the current popular narratives that misrepresent, malign and often succeed in dividing and ‘othering’ those in the minority.

London Veil was her first series, portraying young women wearing the hijab on the streets of London, Paris, New York and Toronto.


Her series Britain Retold: A Portrait of London is an exploration of British identity as known by the diverse communities living in London.


She has also contributed to series such as The Dandy Lion Project by curator Shantrelle P. Lewis, which challenges its audience to rethink the outlook of black men perpetuated in the media today.


With a belief that artists can be leaders in social and spiritual progress, Shamsavari seeks to encourage both participants and viewers in transforming the way we view society and ourselves.

Shamsavari’s work has been featured across various media and publications including BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Elle, i-D and Dazed & Confused. Her work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and public spaces and she has delivered a number of talks at cultural institutions, including Tate Britain and Southbank Centre.