Our Mental Health Day

On October the 10th we celebrated the International World Mental Health day as a team and we did some activities together.

We saw some art

A big thank you to all those who put on such a great show at Mind The Art...we were there (and you can go too, closes 22nd October). It is such a powerful exhibition with talented artists focusing on mental health and personal experiences. A must see exhibition!

We met some strangers...and it was great!

Before that we were outside the Tate Modern to find out just how much the public valued work to help them through tough times.

We asked people standing outside Tate what artist would make them de stress and feel peaceful. So many great artists - a huge thank you to everyone who shared with us a bit of art.

At Tagsmart the art of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Juan Fontanive, Hiba Schahbaz  make us feeling at peace and truly alive.

mental health day tagsmart

Among many artists, Yayoi Kusama was just one of the high profile artists around the world also giving their support.

And what did you do on Mental Health Day? We’d love to hear your stories!