Tagsmart Weekly Discovery: Spencer Murphy between Photography and Painting

The award-winning photographer Spencer Murphy was born in 1978 and grew up in the Kentish countryside. He trained in Falmouth College of Art and he now works and lives in London, dedicating his time to creating his own artwork and taking photographic commissions.


From award-winning portraits to post-apocalyptic worlds, Spencer Murphy’s ability to dance with light often borders on ethereal. He is a master of portraiture whose portraits looks more like paintings rather than photos, earning him a place hanging among the greats in England’s esteemed National Portrait Gallery.  He has collaborated with various magazines, including The Guardian Weekend, The Telegraph Magazine, Time, Monocle and Wallpaper. Some of his portraits have been featured on the Rolling Stones Magazine, GQ and Dazed and Confused.



Spencer has exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery’s Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition 7 times between 2006 to 2013 and in 2013 he won the Taylor Wessing photography prize. His work is now held in the National Portrait Gallery’s Permanent Collection.

Spencer Murphy’s awards:

Sony World Photography Awards, shortlisted 2010,2011,2013 Third Place Winner, Campaign, 2013, First Place Winner, Campaign, 2014/ Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, selected 2006 and 2007-2012 Third Place Winner 2012 First Place Winner 2013/ AOP Photography Awards Bronze Award 2009 / Creative Review Photo Annual, selected 2007,2009,2012 / AOP Bursary, winner 2006 / Creative Review-Creative Futures, commended 2006 / The Magenta Foundation, emerging photographers, winner 2006 / Metro Imaging Bursary, winner 2002

For more info visit Spencer Murphy’s website:

Tagsmart Weekly Discovery: Claudia Legge, The Transcendent Power of Colours

Claudia Legge is an award-winning photographer based in London. She works and exhibits worldwide. She is renowned for her underwater photography but she also works as a fashion photographer and traveling photographer and shoot album covers and music videos for the likes of Laura Marling, a British Folk singer- songwriter and musician.


Claudia’s current exhibition, Spectrum at the Talisman London will be on until the 24th of November. The exhibition shows her recent work which can be divided in works “created” underwater with a strong focus on colour and light and works “observed”, characterized by strong colour and simple and almost abstract design.


Claudia’s Art is extremely suggestive dominated by brightly-coloured pictures.Colours are fundamental to the artist, she said that studies have demonstrated that our mental health, behaviour, and general efficiency in life depends to a great extent on normal colour balance. It is proved that when something goes wrong  or is out of balance, we can strengthen our energy centers through the conscious use of colour.


She adds that: “Our bodies absorb colour energy through the vibration colour gives off. All organs, body systems, and functions are connected to these energy centers effect by colour. Hopefully, these colours will have a positive neurological effect on my audience. Spectrum intends to inspire and uplift.”


SPECTRUM until the 24th of November at Talisman Gallery, London

All images are available for sale and are limited edition prints. Please email for more information or visit her website at:

Saturday Night Spectacle: The Sacred Triangle with Chris Levine

This Saturday, August 5, Tagsmart artist Chris Levine puts on a harmonised immersive experience at the Wilderness Festival, in Oxfordshire, together with sound designer Marco Perry & The Mighty Monks. 

One of his most memorable collaborations (and that inspires this piece) is the IY_project – an immersive site-specific light and sound installation with EdenLAB, Eden Project’s international creative partner.

The installation relates directly to the movement of the planet around the sun and a particular frequency which has been found to resonate with the energy of the body.

Inspired by the potential to create transformative experiences using light and sound, Chris Levine’s latest work intends to tunes the spectator’s awareness into sound to induce a meditative state.

The Night Spectacle begins at 9:50 pm.