Episode 5. My Art Haven with Tagsmart Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Cooke

Which artworks do you love the most? If money and space were no object, which one would you have in your living room?

The 5th My Art Episode episode opens up with Steve Cooke, Tagsmart Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

The 5th My Art Haven series carry on with new episodes. In this episode Steve Cooke reveals what he would own for his My Art Haven if money and space were no object. His first choice is a majestic statue which is located inside an Indian cave excavated around the 7th century A.D. Do you know which one it is? Find out more about the Indian Kailash Caves and the incredible statues they have inside and discover what else is in Steve’s fascinating My Art Haven collection.

What’s your My Art Haven collection? If you’d like to share it with us, please contact: enquiries@tagsmart.com.


Episode 4. My Art Haven with Tagsmart Co-Founder and frame maker: Mark Darbyshire

Which artwork do you love the most? If money and space were no object, which one would you have in your living room? 

The fourth My Art Haven episode opens up with Tagsmart Co-Founder and globally renowned frame maker: Mark Darbyshire.
Mark has over 20 years’ experience working with artists, galleries and collectors. He went to Goldsmiths College and studied with some of the art masters including the YBAs: Young British Artists, most notably: Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst and Angus Fairhurst.

In this episode Mark talks about how he became the Tagsmart Co-Founder with Steve Cooke and what drove him to create Tagsmart. He also reveals his favourite artworks he would love to own for his My Art Haven collection if money and space were no object.

If you’d like to share with us your ‘My Art Haven’, please contact us. Stay tuned for the fifth episode with Tagsmart Co-Founder: Steve Cooke.

First Ever Tagsmart Workshop

Tagsmart Chairman Tom Toumazis MBE and Co- founder Steve Cooke are delighted to have hosted the first ever Tagsmart workshop. The two-day workshop have been held on Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of February at Factory Fifteen right below the TagsmartHQ where people had the opportunity to learn about Tagsmart’s products and art authentication services. During the workshop the Tagsmart team explained the swift application process to secure artworks with Tagsmart DNA Tags, how to order Certificates of Authenticity via the platform and gave tips on how to better benefit from the services. The team showcased some of the new features of Tagsmart 2.0 which is due to launch in the newt couple of weeks. 

It’s bee extremely fun and and intensive learning experience but sadly now it’s a wrap! Thank you to all the artists and friends who came along. Next –> Roy’s People Art Fair, the first ever digitally certified art fair from the 12th to the 15th of April 2018. Stay tuned for the next Tagsmart events!

Episode 3. My Art Haven with award-winning Fine Art photographer: Gillian Hyland

The third My Art Haven episode kicks off with award-winning Fine Art photographer: Gillian Hyland.

Her first choice for the My Art Haven is the coloured and resplendent tapestry “The Agony in The Car Park” by the English artist GraysonPerry. The tapestry is inspired by Perry’s visit to Sunderland, a city in northeast England that is famous for its football team and is populated by large working-class communities. Watch the video to find out what other art Gillian’s has chosen for her My Art Haven. You’ll be amazed!

Watch out for the fourth episode with picture framer and fine art fabricator: Mark Darbyshire.