Tagsmart will offer its certification services across Artellite’s platforms

Tagsmart, the global innovators of DNA tagging and artwork verification, and Artellite Ltd ecommerce for the arts industry pioneers, are delighted to announce their new partnership which will see Tagsmart offering its certification technology through Artellite’s online galleries, DegreeArt.com, Contemporary Collective,  DegreeArt.cn and ArtProQuo.com.

The certification service will be powered by Tagsmart who operate the world’s leading provenance, certification and asset verification company focussed exclusively in the art world. Dedicated to driving art sales by delivering trust,  Tagsmart will offer Artellite’s collectors secure physical and digital certification. As part of the collaboration, Tagsmart will become a supporter of the 2018 Student & Graduate artists art award ‘the Signature Art Prize’, powered by Artellite.


Artellite, is the ecommerce solution designed for the curated art world, which exists to lead the emerging, handpicked art market online. Now with over 4,500 users and over 65,000 listed artworks, Artellite exists to solve and respond to the challenges the art market faces as it embraces the power of ecommerce.

Artellite powers gallery brands DegreeArt.com, DegreeArt.cn, ContemporaryCollective.com & ArtProQuo.com.

The Signature Art Prize

The Signature Art Prize was established by gallery Directors Isobel Beauchamp and Elinor Olisa in 2007 to celebrate and identify emerging artists’ ‘Signature Style’. They define an artist’s ‘signature style’ as being “that which makes an artist unique; a combination of process and method, contributed to by the artist’s own personality which results in a piece that is unique and specific to them.”

Tagsmart is going through a crowdfunding campaign, for more information and to find out more about the business, click herehttps://www.seedrs.com/tagsmart

Did you know that the lack of trust is holding back online art sales?

According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Reports 2016/2017, 58% of online collectors are afraid of buying a fake: 88% want standardised Certificates of Authenticity, and 79% want better provenance information. 

Consequently, according to our advisor Philip Mould, “there is an increasing need to inject security and confidence into the art market." 

Collectors are increasingly acquiring online, sight unseen. This sector is boosted by changing demographies and also by increasing propensity for artists and galleries to sell online. Repeated reserach has shown that online buyers increasingly see art as an investement/asset class and are deterred by trust issues.

We are currently working on a new service. The new online development will be the first platform to enable the trade of trusted art online through a revolutionary B2B artwork aggregation service. Artists will be able to submit trusted art, pre-tagged and with a Certificate of Authenticity, directly to online retailers. It will launch in September 2018 with the support of leading and emerging artists registered on the Tagsmart platform who will offer their works for sale.  

Further announcement of retailer partners will be made in the coming weeks.

This is your chance to share in our success!

Join the trusted art revolution here: https://www.seedrs.com/tagsmart

New partnership announcement!

artrepublic.com pioneers in the world of online art retail and a leading destination for the purchase of contemporary works, have announced an extended partnership with Tagsmart, the British pioneers of DNA tagging and artwork certification. 

 Via Tagsmart’s latest development, the hashtag#Hub, artists will be able to submit trusted art, tagged and certificated, directly to artrepublic. 

Tom Toumazis MBE, Executive Chairman of Tagsmart says:

“Given artrepublic.com’s reputation and reach, we’re delighted to be working with Anthony Nelson and his team. It is great to see such the company join us as one of our launch partners. A large number of our artists are keen to extend their reach and distribution and being able to offer their works via our platform to artrepublic.com is a great way of offering trusted art direct to collectors around the world.“

Anthony Nelson, Director of artrepublic.com, says:

"We’re delighted to be partnering with Tagsmart for the launch phase of their new B2B development. The online market is extremely vulnerable and here at artrepublic.com we believe that Tagsmart have come up with the highest degree of technology that could really help artists to sell more online by connecting them to various platforms and at the same time safeguard the peace of mind for artists and collectors.”

 We’ll be announcing more partnerships over the coming weeks. Our mission is to help the art industry hashtag#trade with hashtag#trust.



Tagsmart partners with Metro to become the first ever integrated and certification reseller

Tagsmart joins with Metro Imaging to launch the first ever integrated printing and authentication service. DNA tagging and certification of mounted and unmounted works will be conducted on site at Metro Imaging HQ, with the support of Tagsmart.

Professor Steve Macleod, Director Metro Imaging, says:

“We at Metro Imaging believe that Tagsmart have come up with a system that should be adopted across the creative industries. Their platform provides access to a non-invasive product that utilises the highest degree of technology; ease of use and safeguarded key-chains that allows an exceptional peace of mind for artists; collectors and curators. “

Steve Cooke, Tagsmart Co-Founder, and Chief Innovation Officer says:

“It’s a huge pleasure to partner with Metro Imaging as we have very important shared values. Photography and printing are highly exposed to forgery that is why it is important to build provenance. It is such an essential part of the work’s journey. Those are the things that really matter to us as a provenance and security company. Metro creates that physical embodiment of all the hard work that is put behind the artist and Tagsmart benefits from their provenance event meaning that we can track it on our platform. The two companies really get together perfectly.”


About Metro Imaging 

Metro is the UK’s leading professional photographic lab for art printing, film processing, retouch, mounting, framing and exhibition services.

With almost 40 years in the photographic industry, this pro-lab is run by a flexible workforce of multi-disciplined and skilled professionals so that the level of expertise is second to none.
Metro’s incredible knowledge about art and photographic production helps customers to understand their needs and tailor specific services to best suit them.


About Tagsmart

Tagsmart is a British technology company, formally launched in April 2016. The company pioneered the application of DNA tags to authenticate artworks and is now the go-to provider of tagging and certification services in the fine art market. It was the only such business highlighted in the 2017 Deloitte Art and Finance Report. Tagsmart already has 20,000 artworks on its platform attributed to over 800 artists, and has tagged and certificated more than 11,000 works.

Led by Executive Chairman/Founder Investor Tom Toumazis MBE, Tagsmart was set up by globally renowned frame-maker and fabricator Mark Darbyshire and product designer Steve Cooke in 2014. The team features experts from art and tech backgrounds including Nicolas Gitton, former UK MD of Paddle8,  Robert Suss, renowned art collector and Trustee of the Royal Academy of Arts, Aino-Leena Grapin. Philip Mould CBE, of BBC’s Fake or Fortune, is also an advisor to the company.

The company have relationships with hundreds of artists, galleries and fabricators, from world-renowned founding partners like Gary Hume through to increasing numbers of emerging and decorative artists.

Episode 5. My Art Haven with Tagsmart Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Cooke

Which artworks do you love the most? If money and space were no object, which one would you have in your living room?

The 5th My Art Episode episode opens up with Steve Cooke, Tagsmart Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.

The 5th My Art Haven series carry on with new episodes. In this episode Steve Cooke reveals what he would own for his My Art Haven if money and space were no object. His first choice is a majestic statue which is located inside an Indian cave excavated around the 7th century A.D. Do you know which one it is? Find out more about the Indian Kailash Caves and the incredible statues they have inside and discover what else is in Steve’s fascinating My Art Haven collection.

What’s your My Art Haven collection? If you’d like to share it with us, please contact: enquiries@tagsmart.com.


How Tagsmart is Providing Trusted Provenance and Certificate of Authenticity Services for the Art Market

Tom Toumazis MBE, Tagsmart Executive Chairman, has been interviewed by Widewalls magazine to talk about how Tagsmart is providing trusted provenance and Certificate of Authenticity Services for the Art Market. Tom, also reveals what’s in for the future and some exciting plans.

To red the full article head to the following link: https://www.widewalls.ch/tagsmart-tom-toumazis-interview/

Thank you Widewalls magazine for the great piece!

Here is the interview reported from the article written by Widewalls magazine:

Widewalls: Let us start by introducing Tagsmart to our readers. When was it conceived and who is in the team behind it?

Tom Toumazis MBE: Tagsmart was set up by globally renowned frame-maker and fabricator Mark Darbyshire and product designer Steve Cooke in 2014.

The team features experts from art and tech backgrounds including Nicolas Gitton, former UK MD of Paddle8, Robert Suss, renowned art collector and Trustee of the Royal Academy of Arts and Aino-Leena Grapin, former EMEA MD at Paddle8 who held senior roles at Christie’s.

Widewalls: What can you tell us about your own background? How did you get into this business?

TT: I worked in the media and entertainment world for over 30 years and I am a keen art collector. A good friend of mine introduced me to Steve Cooke and I loved the scale of the idea and wanted to get involved as an investor and was asked to join the company as Chairman in January 2015.

Since last year, I now spend all my time working with Steve Cooke helping build the business.


How Does Tagsmart Work?

Widewalls: Tagsmart uses “physical DNA Tags to identity artworks via an online service.” Could you explain what this means?

TT: Tagsmart offers an all-round complete art authentication solution, combining physical and digital elements. Applied to the back of an artwork, our Tags seal its authenticity.

Every component of the Tag is part of a complex web of security measures, using revolutionary label technology featuring the latest synthetic DNA taggants and inorganic compounds.

Applied within seconds, each Tag has its own unique reference number, linked to the artwork’s secure Certificate of Authenticity and its digital counterpart. Our secure Certificate of Authenticity offers additional, proprietary security measures to defeat forgery and ensure that its validity is restricted to the registered owner of the work.

Last but not least, the Digital Certificate acts as the virtual twin to the physical certificate which becomes a passport over time featuring the artwork provenance.

Widewalls: How does your tag work across different media – for instance, the high-end limited edition books, which is a fairly recent addition to your services?

TT: We recently partnered with Moonlight Books, Tagsmart developed a new DNA stamp technology specifically for high end limited-edition books. The company authenticated Ricochet: David Bowie 1983 by the rock star photographer Denis O’Regan, which includes a fine art collection of rare photographs of David Bowie’s tour.

Last October we made our first move into tagging sculpture, working with internationally- renowned artist Idris Khan for his exhibition Absorbing Light 46 at Victoria Miro Gallery.

Who Has Tagsmart Already Partnered With?

Widewalls: Your company works with artists, galleries and collectors. How do your services benefit each of them?

TT: We have had a great deal of interest from artists working in the primary limited edition print market but we also work with over 20 galleries here in the UK. We recently signed a deal to partner with Own Art, who have a relationship with over 300 UK galleries to offer our technology.

Our interaction with collectors is when they buy a work and come onto our platform. They can update information about each artwork as well as sharing their piece with friends on social media.

Widewalls: Can you name a few artists you’ve already partnered with? How do you describe these relationships?

TT: We are working with hundreds of artists and they range from renowned contemporary artists like Gary Hume and Marc Quinn to emerging artists who love what we do and want to start their art journey by adopting our technology. Some of our artists played a key part in the developing of our technology.

We also work with the Philip Mould Gallery. Philip, of BBC’s Fake or Fortune, is also an advisor to the company.

Widewalls: How can people get involved with Tagsmart?

TT: Artists and galleries can get involved by contacting us on: enquiries@tagsmart.com.


What The Future Brings

Widewalls: What are your views on the art market at this moment, both the “physical” and the online one? Where do you see it going in 5 years?

TT: The industry is undergoing some significant changes. Artists, Auction Houses and Galleries are trying to figure out how they can embrace the online market. Some are closer than others. We see online retail as becoming a larger part of the art market – but trust is a key component to helping build that growth.

If art is ever to enjoy the kind of market share online that we have seen in other sectors, provenance and authenticity will need to sit at the very heart of the art world. That is exciting for Tagsmart as we can play our part in supporting that transformation.

Widewalls: What is currently in the pipeline for Tagsmart?

TT: We are always iterating our physical and digital technology. More recently and part of our plans for later in the year is we are developing a way how we can help connect artists with online retailers, enabling artists to choose from dozens of online retailers to list and sell their artworks while allowing online retailers to select between thousands of trusted tagged and certified works.

The interview was carried out and written by Widewalls magazine.

Congratulations to Carol Caiger, the winner of the Tagsmart competition.

Congratulations to Carol Caiger, the winner of the Tagsmart competition held during Roy’s People Art Fair.
The winning artwork is: Bubblegum II, by the talented London base Dutch abstract artists: Anne-Claire Fleer.


The winning artwork will be DNA tagged and accompanied by a secure Certificate of Authenticity displaying the artwork information and signature of the artist. The winner, Carol Caiger will also receive a free Tagsmart account on our platform which provides important owner privileges, including the ability to view and manage the provenance record of her work and control the visibility of the work’s online profile, for example, sharing it via email and social media.


Art by Anne-Claire Fleer is a bold and energetic London based abstract artist. A creative explorer dedicated and committed to becoming the best version of herself through her art. 

For more info about Anne-Claire and he art, please visit: https://anneclairefleer.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbyanneclairefleer/

To find out more about how you can enrich your art with Tagsmart DNA Tags, secure Certificate of Authenticity and Digital Provenance, please contact us at: enquiries@tagsmart.com

Tagsmart at Roy’s People Art Fair

http://www.tagsmart.comRoy’s  People Art Fair is over. Thanks to everyone who came along and stopped by to purchase a secure Certificate of Authenticity. It was amazing to meet so many talented artists and explore their incredible works.

Secure Certificates of Authenticity

Printed on high-quality archival paper, Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity is a unique document of ownership protecting against fraud and forgery and, by fostering trust and credibility in the art market, can add value to your artwork and build an immutable digital provenance history over time.

An Immutable Digital Provenance History

The digital counterpart to the Certificate of Authenticity, Tagsmart Digital Provenance Platform tracks ownership and other events affecting your artwork over time. Tagsmart pioneering database enables collectors to document and view artworks online and is encrypted to ensure peace of mind.

Cutting-Edge DNA Tags

Tamper- proof and easy to apply, our Tags identify an artwork with a unique reference number that links it to a Certificate of Authenticity and a Digital Provenance Record. Attached with conservative-approved archival materials, our Tags use a combination of revolutionary label technology and synthetic DNA taggants to ensure the security of your artwork.

For more info on the Tagsmart art provenance services visit: http://www.tagsmart.com

In conversation with Gary Kemp and rock star photographer Denis O’Regan

What a great night spent at the The Club at the Ivy with musician and actor Gary Kemp interviewing David Bowie’s official tour photographer, Denis O'Regan, about his Collector Edition, boxed set of ‘Ricochet: David Bowie 1983’.
Tagsmart has developed a new form of stamping technology for the authentication of the limited edition fine art photographic prints and the official David Bowie Estate stamp, which are key parts of this 2000 copy limited edition piece of art, commemorating David Bowie’s biggest and most successful world tour - Serious Moonlight.


Tagsmart offers the world’s only integrated artwork certification service designed for artists, collectors, and sellers of art.Tagsmart’s triple-lock solution uses advanced DNA tagging technology to identify artworks alongside a unique and secure system for issuing Certificates of Authenticity. These services are fully integrated with an online ownership registration platform, providing unparalleled protection to the art world, while adding value to artworks by building an accredited provenance history over time. The company launched in April 2016 after over two years of development, working closely alongside artists, conservators and the academic community. The company is led by Executive Chairman Tom Toumazis MBE and co-founder Steve Cook.

For more information about the book: itsahugeboxedset.com

The Cultivist: the global art club announces strategic partnership with Tagsmart

TAGSMART is delighted to have entered into partnership with The Cultivist, the world’s leading arts club offering collectors unique access to museums, galleries and art fairs worldwide. 

This collaboration launches with the tagging and certification of 300 limited edition prints by renowned Latin American artist Gaston Ugalde (b. 1944). The work Red Orange (2015) focuses on the development of the artist’s colour theories . Ugalde’s creative process celebrates experimentation by mixing performance and installation. No digital manipulation is used in the creation of this work. 

Each print has been tagged using the Tagsmart’s synthetic DNA tagging system to secure the authenticity and provenance of the work. The prints come with a certificate of authenticity produced exclusively for members of The Cultivist as part of the Artist Edition Series. The Series focuses on sharing the most exciting talents from emerging markets in countries all over the world. 

Georgie Borthwick, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Cultivist said: “As the global arts club dedicated to making new connections across the art world, it is important to us to promote new technologies that help our collaborating artists, galleries, and institutions to continue their fantastic work. It has been a pleasure to support Tagsmart as a new business that entered the market with us, and our partnership has allowed us to elevate our Global Artist Edition series, where we provide a platform for artists from young and emerging markets, into a collectible and authenticated series”. 

Tom Toumazis MBE, Executive Chairman of Tagsmart said: “We are delighted to be able to announce this important partnership with The Cultivist. It is thrilling to authenticate limited edition prints for their Global Artist Edition series”

About The Cultivist:

The Cultivist is a unique art membership club that offers to his members the opportunity to visit museums, galleries and art fairs worldwide with a single membership card. The Cultivist provides unique and privileged access to every aspect of the art world. 

About Tagsmart:

Developed by the art world for the art world, Tagsmart offers complete art authentication solutions, designed for artists, collectors, and sellers of art. Endorsed and used by leading and upcoming artists, Tagsmart uses DNA technology to identify artworks together with a unique system for issuing Certificates of Authenticity. These services are fully integrated with a secure online Provenance Record which enables artists to verify the authenticity of their artworks and create an accredited chain of provenance.



First Ever Tagsmart Workshop

Tagsmart Chairman Tom Toumazis MBE and Co- founder Steve Cooke are delighted to have hosted the first ever Tagsmart workshop. The two-day workshop have been held on Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of February at Factory Fifteen right below the TagsmartHQ where people had the opportunity to learn about Tagsmart’s products and art authentication services. During the workshop the Tagsmart team explained the swift application process to secure artworks with Tagsmart DNA Tags, how to order Certificates of Authenticity via the platform and gave tips on how to better benefit from the services. The team showcased some of the new features of Tagsmart 2.0 which is due to launch in the newt couple of weeks. 

It’s bee extremely fun and and intensive learning experience but sadly now it’s a wrap! Thank you to all the artists and friends who came along. Next –> Roy’s People Art Fair, the first ever digitally certified art fair from the 12th to the 15th of April 2018. Stay tuned for the next Tagsmart events!

Tagsmart Weekly Discovery: Rod Jones, The Creator of Receptive Abstract Patternism

Tagsmart discovers Rod Jones, a Southern Californian artist known to be the creator of receptive abstract patternism.
Rod Jones says: “I push my chosen art style with every painting I do. Some are more successful than others. But I’m not afraid to challenge either the viewer or myself. If I can use color and form in an eclectic way and still maintain some semblance of continuity, then I am accomplishing my goal.”


The style he embraced is one that evolved from initially painting in the Impressionist style. Today his art is considered by many to be especially authentic. When viewed, the body of his art has a common theme yet each piece clearly stands on its own. His work is constantly evolving and the style that he has created is open-ended and has no restrictions.


His style has been named Receptive Abstract Patternism™, a term coined by his daughter. She determined that the style revolves around the artist receiving conscious and sub-conscious signals and stimuli to create an image independent of common form, held together by the continuity and comfort of a pattern.

The style is ever evolving, but so many of the pieces that have been created are a testament to true artistic originality.

Find out more about the artists by visiting his website: https://rodjonesartist.com