Sam Peacock, Abstract Landscape Artist and Co-founder of Roy’s People Art Fair

Sam Peacock is a British Artist and Co-founder of Roy’s People Art Fair along with Roy Tyson.

Sam has worked on several collections over the years and has solo showed in Berlin, Sydney, and London with several more shows planned into 2018. Recently he undertook a 6-month project focusing on the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing within the UK and gave an artist’s response in the form of 52 separate images, each titled with a place name where planned fracking was to take place.  He has also completed a major installation for the Novotel, Canary Wharf, in London and an installation of three-dimensional metal ‘bullet casings’ entitled Into the Abyss which represents a response to global warming.


Into the Abyss is a solo show of Sam Peacock’s, presented by the Curious Duke Gallery, based as a visual response to our relationship with energy and the side effects of over consumption.


The shells used are made out of brass and in fact are recycled artillery shells, along to steel shells fabricated to look like silos. These were predominantly brass sculptures made using coffee and oils.

Do not miss the chance to meet Sam Peacock during Roy’s People Art Fair which will be help at the Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf  from the 12th to the 15th of April.

Sam’s upcoming exhibition: “OF THE LAND” solo show at Curious Duke Gallery on the 3rd of May 2018, where he will present his new collection of works which touch base with the coast, the woods, ancient pathways, hills, trees and all the natural elements.

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