The World’s First Fully Certified Art Fair

At Roy’s People Art Fair hosted at the Bargehouse OXO Tower, every artwork purchased will come with a Tagsmart certificate of authenticity.

Our triple-lock approach combine certificate of authenticity, digital provenance records and DNA tags to provide unparalleled security for your collection and at the same time enhancing its value.

Opening times

Thursday 12th April 6pm – 8:30pm
Friday 13th April 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 14th April 12pm – 6pm
Sunday 15th April 12pm - 5pm


First Ever Tagsmart Workshop

Tagsmart Chairman Tom Toumazis MBE and Co- founder Steve Cooke are delighted to have hosted the first ever Tagsmart workshop. The two-day workshop have been held on Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of February at Factory Fifteen right below the TagsmartHQ where people had the opportunity to learn about Tagsmart’s products and art authentication services. During the workshop the Tagsmart team explained the swift application process to secure artworks with Tagsmart DNA Tags, how to order Certificates of Authenticity via the platform and gave tips on how to better benefit from the services. The team showcased some of the new features of Tagsmart 2.0 which is due to launch in the newt couple of weeks. 

It’s bee extremely fun and and intensive learning experience but sadly now it’s a wrap! Thank you to all the artists and friends who came along. Next –> Roy’s People Art Fair, the first ever digitally certified art fair from the 12th to the 15th of April 2018. Stay tuned for the next Tagsmart events!

Tagsmart Weekly Discovery: Rod Jones, The Creator of Receptive Abstract Patternism

Tagsmart discovers Rod Jones, a Southern Californian artist known to be the creator of receptive abstract patternism.
Rod Jones says: “I push my chosen art style with every painting I do. Some are more successful than others. But I’m not afraid to challenge either the viewer or myself. If I can use color and form in an eclectic way and still maintain some semblance of continuity, then I am accomplishing my goal.”


The style he embraced is one that evolved from initially painting in the Impressionist style. Today his art is considered by many to be especially authentic. When viewed, the body of his art has a common theme yet each piece clearly stands on its own. His work is constantly evolving and the style that he has created is open-ended and has no restrictions.


His style has been named Receptive Abstract Patternism™, a term coined by his daughter. She determined that the style revolves around the artist receiving conscious and sub-conscious signals and stimuli to create an image independent of common form, held together by the continuity and comfort of a pattern.

The style is ever evolving, but so many of the pieces that have been created are a testament to true artistic originality.

Find out more about the artists by visiting his website:

Tagsmart weekly Discovery: Charles Clapshaw, a Tropical Paradise

Charles Clapshaw is a post-abstract expressionist painter from Australia inspired by the great masters of art such as: Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Milan Mrkusich, Donald Judd, Michael Johnson, Kandinsky, Malevich, Klee and Hilma af Klint.


Form and colour dominate Charles’s art with the painting developing the shape of the subject along with the texture of the paint.  
The subjects of his art, consist of personal stories interwoven among theories of space, dimension, and weight. The simplicity of the lines and the vibrancy of the colourful layers makes its form the sole subject matter.

Charles uses the space of his canvas to create visual tricks based on viewing angles and lighting by giving the observer the ability to move around the painting, look underneath and up above the work and yet adds another aspect to how his painting can be interpreted and viewed.


The lines and layers in his work create a unique space on the canvas and reflect the painter’s unique style. Breaking the logic and rules of the paintings is part of Charle’s ongoing contradiction.


Charles Clapshaw is currently in Bondi Australia painting a wall drawing. He has works for sale in Bali, Bangkok, and Edinburgh.
For more information visit his website:
To buy visit: Saatchi Art