abstract expressionism

Discover abstract art with Anne- Claire Fleer!

Anne-Claire Fleer is a London based Dutch abstract artist whose work has been selected as a prize for the Tagsmart competition. She defines herself as ‘bold and energetic’ and that’s exactly what her works inspire: happiness, joy and energy! 

Her canvasses and other creative expressions; body painting and sculpture paintings, are colorful, chaotically structured and contrasting. Her approach is intuitive, her main media acrylic and spray paint on canvas and her inspiration comes from everyday life, both internally and externally.

Anne-Claire is an inspirational person who left the business world to pursue her dream in becoming a full time artist.

Discover more of her work at: https://anneclairefleer.com

Stay tuned for upcoming competitions on: https://www.instagram.com/tagsmarthq/

Anne- Claire’s upcoming exhibitions:

July 1 – August 1: Kahaila Cafe, Brick Lane, London

September 1 – October 1: Wilton Way Cafe, Hackney, London

November 29 – December 2: Art Fair East, Norwich, Uk

Tagsmart weekly Discovery: Charles Clapshaw, a Tropical Paradise

Charles Clapshaw is a post-abstract expressionist painter from Australia inspired by the great masters of art such as: Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Milan Mrkusich, Donald Judd, Michael Johnson, Kandinsky, Malevich, Klee and Hilma af Klint.


Form and colour dominate Charles’s art with the painting developing the shape of the subject along with the texture of the paint.  
The subjects of his art, consist of personal stories interwoven among theories of space, dimension, and weight. The simplicity of the lines and the vibrancy of the colourful layers makes its form the sole subject matter.

Charles uses the space of his canvas to create visual tricks based on viewing angles and lighting by giving the observer the ability to move around the painting, look underneath and up above the work and yet adds another aspect to how his painting can be interpreted and viewed.


The lines and layers in his work create a unique space on the canvas and reflect the painter’s unique style. Breaking the logic and rules of the paintings is part of Charle’s ongoing contradiction.


Charles Clapshaw is currently in Bondi Australia painting a wall drawing. He has works for sale in Bali, Bangkok, and Edinburgh.
For more information visit his website: http://charlesclapshaw.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charlesclapshaw/
To buy visit: Saatchi Art