Saturday Night Spectacle: The Sacred Triangle with Chris Levine

This Saturday, August 5, Tagsmart artist Chris Levine puts on a harmonised immersive experience at the Wilderness Festival, in Oxfordshire, together with sound designer Marco Perry & The Mighty Monks. 

One of his most memorable collaborations (and that inspires this piece) is the IY_project – an immersive site-specific light and sound installation with EdenLAB, Eden Project’s international creative partner.

The installation relates directly to the movement of the planet around the sun and a particular frequency which has been found to resonate with the energy of the body.

Inspired by the potential to create transformative experiences using light and sound, Chris Levine’s latest work intends to tunes the spectator’s awareness into sound to induce a meditative state.

The Night Spectacle begins at 9:50 pm.