Gillian Hyland’s ‘Words In Sight’ Kickstarter Campaign

Gillian Hyland‘s Words in Sight will be a self-published stunning selection of photographs and poems by the artist, spanning ten years of work. The narrative photography series has been inspired by poetry written by the artist over the past decade and will showcase for the first time the pictures with the words together, giving a deeper perspective and insight into the series.

The Words In Sight series consists of 85 cinematic photographs created since 2013. The narrative images are all real-life staged scenes with the wardrobe and environment styled by Hyland.

Her Kickstarter campaign aims at raising the production funds required to produce this fine art photography book. Hyland has self-funded all of her shoots and has already personally invested in the design and project in order to get to these final stages, but now she’s asking for your help and support to make it happen.

Everything is in place to have the book ready to deliver before Christmas 2017, with books and boxes shipping in December. The other print offers are ready to ship now upon successful completion of the campaign. 

To view the full series of images and more information about awards, exhibitions and press, check out her website: www.gillianhyland.com.