Tagsmart weekly discovery: Matthew Seed, The Horse Photographer

Matthew Seed is one of the leading practitioners in equine portraits. Combining his accomplished skills in photography with his love for horses, Seed has been commissioned by royals and celebrities across the globe to photograph a lasting and unique impression of the majesty of their horses. 

His work, which has been exhibited in the UK and abroad, has earned comparisons with those of renowned painters who have chosen to make the beauty of horses their principal theme, including George Stubbs and Théodore Géricault.

His expansive experience allows him to create exclusive pieces in the blink of an eye, using a pioneering and skilful mix of natural and artificial light, and without relying on post-production softwares. 


Included in his stunning series of works – which almost look like oil paintings –are horses used for work, racing, trekking, dressage, hunting and show jumping. And looking at his pictures it’s easy to see why, for horse lovers, Seed is top choice. 

World renowned as ‘The Horse Photographer’, his equine commissions demonstrate his recognised talent and artistry. Seed astonishes his customers by capturing the personality of their beloved animals perfectly on camera.

Mall Galleries: Parks – Our Shared Heritage

In celebration of National Parks Week, Tagsmart partner Mall Galleries has come together with The Royal Parks, the Office of Public Works and The Hearsum Collection to display the most outstanding British landscapes through art. 


For the first time ever, London will be hosting an exhibition exploring Britain’s rich heritage history, with rarely seen artefacts including oil paintings, photographs, and historical documents spanning three centuries. A fascinating insight is offered into the parks’ connections with prominent historical figures including the Royal Family and Prime Ministers.


In addition to the show, The Royal Parks – in partnership with the education team at Mall Galleries – will host a number of community art activities from 28 July to 11 August (find out more here).

Don’t miss this exploration of the rich and previously hidden heritage of unique parks, from their creation as Royal hunting grounds to the much loved public parks we see today. At the Mall Galleries until 11 August.