'Genetic fingerprints' for art fights fakes

How do you know if what you’re buying is the real deal? 


Thousands of art forgeries flood the art market every year, but now Tagsmart presents ‪Certify‬, a smart, secure solution for art authentication that will make faking artworks harder. Leading British artists like Gary Hume, Marc Quinn, Mat Collishaw and Idris Khan have already welcomed the technology.

Tagsmart CEO Lawrence Merritt talks about art authentication, fighting art forgery and Certify.

OH LOOK.... Tagsmart Certify in the news!

Next week our platform will be live for artists, galleries, dealers and auction houses to guarantee the authenticity of their art through our revolutionary artwork Labels and Smart Certificates of Authenticity.

Making headlines in the media, Tagsmart Certify was extensively featured by The Sunday Times as a possible end for fake art. They reported that Tagsmart Certify “is a DNA-like technology for works of art to make passing off forgeries much harder.”

Tagsmart Certify comes from the art world and is for the art world. Our Founding Partners, including Marc Quinn, Gary Hume, Mat Collishaw, Idris Khan and Mat Chivers have been instrumental in the design of this platform.  


Smart Labels
• A micro-thin Smart Label designed for paper, 3 cms in diameter with DNA security that can be applied to your print or painting in seconds.
• All Smart Labels are supplied with simple applicators and your own personal stamp, which means each label is unique to you and your artwork including each individual print.

Smart Certificates
• A fully managed system to generate completely secure Certificates in paper and digital form that can be personalised.
• Each certificate is printed on 270gsm paper and embossed with a uniquely generated signature of the artist.

Tagsmart Certify offers a straightforward means of protecting my intellectual property; with the swift application of a label I can digitally certify my works and quickly disown forgeries whenever and moreover, wherever they appear. It will allow me to build stronger relationships with collectors, who now know that they can purchase my works with the absolute certainty that it has come directly from my studio.”

– Mat Collishaw

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