Chris Levine

Saturday Night Spectacle: The Sacred Triangle with Chris Levine

This Saturday, August 5, Tagsmart artist Chris Levine puts on a harmonised immersive experience at the Wilderness Festival, in Oxfordshire, together with sound designer Marco Perry & The Mighty Monks. 

One of his most memorable collaborations (and that inspires this piece) is the IY_project – an immersive site-specific light and sound installation with EdenLAB, Eden Project’s international creative partner.

The installation relates directly to the movement of the planet around the sun and a particular frequency which has been found to resonate with the energy of the body.

Inspired by the potential to create transformative experiences using light and sound, Chris Levine’s latest work intends to tunes the spectator’s awareness into sound to induce a meditative state.

The Night Spectacle begins at 9:50 pm.

Tom Toumazis MBE at PAIAM Conference 2017

Tom Toumazis MBE, Tagsmart’s Executive Chairman, was invited to speak at this year’s Professional Advisors to the International Art Market Conference, which took place at Sotheby’s Grosvenor Galleries at Aeolian Hall on 11 July. 


He took the opportunity to discuss Tagsmart’s journey, which began with Steve Cooke, our Chief Innovation Officer, and renowned frame-maker Mark Darbyshire. Led by Tom, in the past couple of years we gradually assembled an esteemed board of advisers formed of the UK’s foremost security, art conservation, software and materials science experts. 


Throughout Tagsmart’s evolution, we have endeavoured to create a solution which appeals and conforms to our clients needs and wants. We have worked extensively alongside scientists and conservators ensuring our Tag does not interfere with the artwork and is applied with ease. The outcome is our triple-lock solution for authentication encompassing the DNA Tag providing proof of origin, the Certificate sealing ownership and our digital Provenance Record acting as a digital passport over time. 

After a year since Tagsmart’s launch, we are pleased to be working with some of the UK’s leading artists including Mario Testino and Gary Hume and to have tagged over 5,000 works of art. 

We are honoured to have shared our story with other professionals in the field, discussing the challenges of establishing authenticity and how we believe technology is leading the way forwards in addressing this issue.