Picasso vase worth US$30K stolen from art gallery

An Owl vase made by Pablo Picasso was swiped from a Manhattan gallery, police said Tuesday. The 10-inch ceramic piece is estimated to be worth about US$30,000. Chelsea’s ACA Gallery noticed that it was gone May 10, but a police report wasn’t filed until Monday.

Belle Baruch paintings returned after 13 years

For 13 years the whereabouts of the paintings of Belle Baruch and her beloved horse, Souriant III, had remained unknown. The paintings had been stolen in 2003 from Belle’s house at the Hobcaw Barony Foundation, a 16,000-acre property, near Georgetown.

On April 29, Ivy Auctions of Laurens returned the Sir Alfred Munnings painting of Belle on her prized horse, Souriant, along with other missing artwork to the Hobcaw Barony Foundation. With a total value exceeding US$2 million, three Munnings paintings and several other pieces of valuable artwork, including a number of Havell Audubons reported stolen in 2003.

The so-called Caravaggio in the attic looks like a fake to me

I am sorry but it is all too good to be true. The owners of an old house near Toulouse ventured into their attic and found a large dusty painting. When a local antiques dealer gave it a gentle clean, he recognised it as a painting by – or closely associated with – none other than the great Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

The 10 most-wanted missing or stolen paintings

A long-lost work thought to be by Caravaggio has been discovered in a leaking attic in Toulouse, France, where it had sat untouched for more than 150 years after an ancestor, who as an officer of Napoleon’s army, brought it to the country. The discovery – which could be worth €120 million – is being heralded as a “momentous occasion” by experts. But while the Caravaggio is an incredible find, there are still dozens of rare and valuable paintings missing in the world. Here are the top 10 most-wanted, according to the Art Loss Register.