Interview with Sophie Noire from Tagsmart ahead of the launch of Tagsmart Connect

Tagsmart offers Own Art galleries 20% off ‘DNA tags’ and certificates. An exciting British technology company that launched in 2016, as of May 2018 had over 23,000 artworks on their online platform, the Tagsmart Artist Register. They have issued more than 11,000 tags and Certificates of Authenticity for works by nearly 250 contemporary artists. They were noted in the 2017 Deloitte Art and Finance Reportas a key new infrastructure development with a “unique” system for issuing highly secure certificates. 

We spoke to Sophie Noire, from Tagsmart Communications & Outreach, ahead of the launch of their new trading platform Tagsmart Connect. Launching in September 2018, this is a partnership with Own Art online gallery Artrepublic.com as well as ArtSnap and IdeelArt.

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Our new service: Connect is live!

Tagsmart Connect allows artists to offer trusted artworks direct to online retailers, who in turn can offer DNA protected and professionally certificated artwork to their collectors.

How does it work?

Artworks are protected using Tagsmart Certify - DNA tagging technology.
Artists are then able to submit protected art, directly to online retailers.
Retailers are able to select trusted inventory and offer it to their collectors.
Collectors purchase works with confidence.

“I see a great value in the partnership with Tagsmart, we want to sell trusted art online via our marketplace. It is important for us to have complete and accurate records relating to the works whilst being able to reduce administrative effort. Tagsmart allows us to do so in a very efficient and secure way.”

Nicolas Gitton, Founder of ArtSnap

Tagsmart's Favourite MA Exhibition 2018

September is always an exciting month in London; new beginnings, new people starting their journeys but most of all, loads of great art! What’s better than embracing all this with a fabulous MA Summer Show at the Chelsea College of Art?

Here at Tagsmart, our favourite is the work by artist Azraa Motala, her self-portrait, dominantly hanging above our heads, will leave you speechless.

Azraa Motala from Chelsea UAL.

Azraa Motala from Chelsea UAL.