Signature Art Prize Winners

The four winners of this year’s Signature Art Prize the UK's only art prize dedicated to student and emerging artists, have been announced.

Have a look at the great selection for this years edition. All the work has been certified by Tagsmart,

In the category of painting, Dorian Radu’s Captive in a Yellow House was the winning work. Lee Madgwick, one of the judges, said

‘Dorian's wonderful life-size painting fully captures the sitter's detail in every aspect. There's a slight awkwardness with crossed feet, hands clasped, mouth ever-so-slightly agape as if afraid to speak in this mysterious stark yellow room. The heavy use of black and yellow helps to create an air of caution perhaps?’ 


Ana Sofia Restrepo won on the printmaking and drawing category with her work On The Train, a detailed pencil piece depicting a tender train scene.

In public spaces, one has the chance to share a few minutes with strangers. There’s a momentary connection, and it is easy to observe each other and get a glimpse into the stories of others. What is perceived and the observer’s interpretation combine to create tales and characters part evidence and part imagination.

Ana Sofia Restrepo

An eerie door at the end of the corridor got the first prize in the category of photography and film. the author, Tottie Aarvold, is an artist and fine art photographer who focuses on the abstract qualities of the world in paint or through a lens.

Tottie Aarvold

For the sculpture prize, Charlie Lang surprised the judges with an impossible sculpture defying the laws of gravity with a structure that resembled a stack of concrete blocks. Charlie Lang’s sculptures ride on brute materiality and a floppy sense of humour. With raw materials like concrete, steel, and timber he marries their urban, hard and stern qualities with a bentness, sag, snap and bow. This piece 52 Seconds of Fame is a good example of that.


Lastly but not less important, Camila Gonzalez Corea won the publics hearts with her piece Consume Your Venus, a portrait of the famous Kim Kardashian done solely with emojis. The piece changed constantly depending on how far you were from it. Camila has collaborated for our partner agency MTArt in Marine’s latest project Visual Diet.

The signature prize can be seen at Trinity Art Gallery until the 31st of March.