London Art Fair Highlights

Last week the Tagsmart team took a trip to Angel to check out the London Art Fair. The fair showcases a selection of art from the best galleries from around the world. You can see art by established artists as well as discover new talents and emerging names from the art world.

From the 131 galleries that participated, these are our highlights:

Cynthia Corbett Gallery

The gallery showcases the work by emerging and newly-established contemporary artists. Tagsmart artist Deborah Azzopardi presented The Great Escape, a screen print with platinum leaf. We also discovered the work of Fabiano Parisi and Isabelle Van Zeijl.

Brocket Gallery

Founders of The Woolwich Print Fair, the gallery presented an installation comprising artists Roshana Qorbanee and Armand Kazem.

brocket gallery london tagsmart London Art Fair

IMT Gallery

IMT Gallery presented the intricate work of Paola Ciarska. We also had the chance to see the ceramic sculptures of Kara Chin.

Jealous Gallery

The contemporary print gallery and studio is a must in every artfair. Tagsmart artist Delphine Lebourgeois had a beautiful body of new work. She has a solo exhibition coming up soon, we hope to see you there!


After Nyne

The gallery displayed works by two Tagsmart artists: Jo Hummel and Gillian Hyland. We also bough a copy of their great magazine which was featuring Tasgmart and MTArt Artist Adelaide Damoah.