Global online marketplace to broaden and collect contemporary art from selected, exclusive art galleries from across the world

Kooness, the global online marketplace to broaden and collect contemporary art from selected, exclusive art galleries from across the world

More than 500 international galleries. More than 25 countries. More than 1.000 artists.

And a thrilled new generation of art buyers.

Luca Serra   , Anil 179

Luca Serra, Anil 179

Kooness goal: attract new collectors and reach international clients in a very easy way. Kooness is an innovative online platform featuring a curated selection of contemporary art from international art galleries. As invitation-only platform, Kooness provides galleries the ability to showcase and present their artworks and artists to reach younger, more digitally-savvy customers worldwide. Kooness is committed to sourcing quality artworks in the globe and offers art enthusiasts and collectors a one-stop resource for those interested in discovering and acquiring contemporary art pieces from top emerging artists.

Ilaria Forlini   , Deconstruction II

Ilaria Forlini, Deconstruction II

Our team believes in the idea of art democratization emerging from a rising generation of collectors.  With high ambitions, we’ve been building respected and trustful relationships with our collectors by offering the best service and transparency. We do believe our platform is a meeting point for cultural, professional and geographic diversities, thanks to the extraordinary work of our worldwide galleries base. Our collaborative team features experts with a diverse range of backgrounds who constantly work to build new ways for people to discover, encourage and appreciate art.

We are not a company looking to go global. We were born global.

89% of art transactions start online; 49% of collectors buy artworks online and 71% of art buyers have bought at least one work without having seen it in person. Few figures that clearly show how essential is the use of internet in the era of globalization for those who sell and buy art.

How it works

  1. Our team selects and invites only art galleries in line with our values and vision

  2. Our curators select artists and artworks to be featured online together with galleries

  3. Promotional operations and all inquiries are managed by Kooness

  4. Once a work is sold, we auto-generate shipping labels that get sent to your gallery

  5. Shipping and insurance costs are covered by user/buyer

  6. The gallery is simply responsible for packing

  7. Kooness takes care of all the after sales activities and clients service