Tagsmart Artist of the Week, Jo Dennis

Jo’s work presents an eerie sense of memory within founds objects, beautiful and yet haunting.

Expressing a sense of hope, strength and the dynamism of an abandoned yet lived-in space, Jo’s creations are visual poetry, of passing time and lives lived.

Jo is the 300th artist to join Tagsmart. She's using our platform to catalogue, protect and sell her art. Her like many other artists can now enjoy the benefits of innovative certification through a secure provenance record platform.

Jo’s work can be seen at Sid Motion Gallery, her last exhibition ‘A Kind of Solid Liquid’ compromises paintings and photographs from her most recent series titled Black Wall, the exhibition presents a body of work produced directly on to glass, transparencies, found windows and includes a painting installation.

The photographs used in the Solid Liquid and Black Wall series are detailed photographs of the walls discovered in a derelict swimming pool in South London. The found window frames become canvases for these prints and paintings as well as a lens or screen through which to view. 

To find out more about Jo’s work, visit her  Tagsmart profile .

To find out more about Jo’s work, visit her Tagsmart profile.