Genetic fingerprints’ for paintings to push forgers out of the picture

Is this the end for fake art? British entrepreneurs have developed a DNA-like technology for works of art to make passing off forgeries much harder.

A “genetic fingerprint” that can be attached to any picture to prove its maker’s identity has been developed over 18 months in a Cambridge lab.

Called Tagsmart Certify, the system uses a label containing artificial DNA that can be read by a scanner.


[Mat] Collishaw, one of the so called Young BrItish Artists (YBA), said the new technology would enable him to protect his work and disown forgeries.


Created by a leading frame maker, Mark Darbyshire, and a software developer, Steve Cooke, the technology had been funded by wealthy British entrepreneurs.


Read the full article here: Published in The Sunday Times, by Dalya Alberge