An Intimate Portrait of a Legend

Penguin books have just released ‘Ricochet’ by Denis O’Regan, who is a member of the Tagsmart artists community. Ricochet contains photographs of David Bowie from his famous tour in 1983.

The book offers an intimate portrait of the man of the million faces, allowing us to see Bowie’s more human side. Often playful and almost childish, through the lenses of Denis, we are able to come closer to the myth.

David Bowie Denis O'Regan Penguin Books

“In 1983 the rock photographer Denis O'Regan toured the world with David Bowie, shooting the action on stage and behind the scenes. Capturing moments of rehearsal and relaxation, O'Regan's work gives an unguarded view of the musician and an intimate view of life on the road.”

Backstage with David Bowie, BBC News

David Bowie Denis O'Regan