Congratulations to Damaris Athene!

Our Connect service, putting our artists directly in touch with online retailers, is live! One hundred and six artists have already joined up to submit works...and we're celebrating Damaris' work as it was the first to be selected for sale.

Trauma I v.iv,  Solar plate print, 25.2×20.3 cm, 2017

Trauma I v.iv, Solar plate print, 25.2×20.3 cm, 2017

Damaris Athene graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015 and investigates the corporeal and abstraction of the human form, mainly through painting. Athene explores Julia Kristeva’s writings on the abject, confronting our shared mortality and the notion of our bodies as pure matter. The body becomes unrecognisable: images are re-appropriated from medicine, scale is vastly changed or body parts are digitally manipulated. The beauty in these seemingly abstract images seems at odds with their subject matter, creating a fascinating dichotomy.

You can also see Damaris' work at the upcoming Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair