Corn Shuk Mei Ho, Tagsmart Artist of the Week

Corn Shuk Mei Ho

Corn’s work draws inspiration from the human condition, paying special attention to the subconscious.

Her paintings, filled with melancholic tones, evoke a sense of unsettling dislocation. With a strong focus on lost and found memories that merge personal experience with the landscape.

“My paintings document my interest in the lost and the found, what is passing memory and what is synthesised as a trace in the landscape.”

Corn completed her Fine Art MFA in 2016, from which followed a number of solo shows, as well as group exhibitions all over the world, including Night, Swims at Coningsby Gallery in London and the Chester Art Fair 2018. 

You can buy her work via Artlimes as part of Tagsmart Connect, which allows artists to submit work to online retailers, galleries, open calls and many more opportunities.