British tech company Tagsmart’s new DNA stamp technology authenticates David Bowie limited edition fine art project


London (February 15th , 2018) London-based British tech company, Tagsmart has partnered with Moonlight Books, publisher of ‘Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’ for the authentication of the limited edition fine art photographic prints and the official David Bowie Estate stamp, which are key parts of this 2000 copy limited edition piece of art, commemorating David Bowie’s biggest and most successful world tour - Serious Moonlight.

The multi-year partnership, which will extend to future Moonlight Books limited edition offerings, will use Tagsmart’s new DNA stamp technology, specially developed for the project alongside its certification and provenance platform to provide unparalleled security for collectors of limited editions.

Denis O’Regan says: “State of the art authentication and security are both critical to ‘ Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’. We’re the first David Bowie project to use the official David Bowie Estate Stamps, so it’s vital to protect it from counterfeiting. Collectors of limited edition fine art photographic prints also have a right to expect that their provenance will be properly protected. Tagsmart have risen admirably to both these challenges.We’re delighted to have them as our partner”

Tom Toumazis MBE, Executive Chairman of Tagsmart, says: “This is the first step we’ve made into launching our new DNA stamp technology and we’re delighted to have partnered with Denis O’Regan on such a prestigious project. Tagsmart’s vision is to offer our cutting-edge services to a wide range of artists to help them protect the provenance of their work.” Since its launch in April 2016, Tagsmart has registered over 26,000 artwork records on its platform and has tagged or certificated over 8,000 works of art.

David Bowie 1983: David Bowie’s official tour photographer and long-time collaborator Denis O’Regan has launched the Collector Edition boxed set of ‘Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’. The most ambitious David Bowie limited edition product ever released - a fine art collection of rare intimate photographs and unique memorabilia featuring 5 books, 3 limited edition prints and a book certificate with the official David Bowie Estate stamp, signed and numbered by the photographer.

‘Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’ is available exclusively on

Tagsmart offers the world’s only integrated artwork certification service designed for artists, collectors, and sellers of art.Tagsmart’s triple-lock solution uses advanced DNA tagging technology to identify artworks alongside a unique and secure system for issuing Certificates of Authenticity. These services are fully integrated with an online ownership registration platform, providing unparalleled protection to the art world, while adding value to artworks by building an accredited provenance history over time. The company launched in April 2016 after over two years of development, working closely alongside artists, conservators and the academic community. The company is led by Executive Chairman Tom Toumazis MBE and co-founder Steve Cooke.

Tagsmart is featured in the Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2017 as a world leader in art authentication.