Tagsmart in Europe: Switzerland

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with ART GODA, an online art boutique that also represents artists and reaches their local audience in Zurich through pop-up exhibitions.

ART GODA is a contemporary online art boutique, specialising in abstract paintings, large limited edition prints on canvas and unique bronze and stone sculptures. The boutique represents artists and serves collectors on a global level and reaches the local audience in Zurich through pop-up exhibitions.

Gediminas Endriekus, Plaything, 26,8X7,5X14,5 cm

ART GODA represents talented artists who do not belong to the closed circle of the art world elite, but nevertheless are creating beautiful artworks and are truly devoted to their creative ideas. All artworks listed in this online gallery are carefully curated by its founder Goda Smilingyte and from now on will be certified through Tagsmart.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Art Goda, it is such a pleasure to see how devoted they are towards all of their artists. We are happy to be part of their journey by protecting and enriching the value of their works. We are thrilled for what is next to come. “

Charlotte Bearn, Managing Director at Tagsmart

Art Goda Tagsmart Art Certification