Alexander Heaton, Tagsmart Artist of the Week

Alexander Heaton

Alexander Heaton's art reaches deep into the imagination. Combining a love of painting, printmaking and mountaineering, Alexander uses mixed media to explore man's primeval interaction with nature.

"My work teeters on the edge of a cinematographic realism and also at times uses sampled vignettes of other painter's work."

Alexander's artistic journey continues to draw on the Romantic tradition, adapting it for a twenty first century audience.

In 2018, Alexander took part in a two-man exhibition at A-side B-side Gallery in collaboration with artist Mark Metcalfe.

Alexander will be taking part in a show with Andrew Macgregor later on in 2019. Stay tuned for more information.

A notable achievement was Alexander’s solo show The Secret of the Runes at London’s Residence Gallery in 2011 which was selected to be included in the Pulse Art Fair, Miami to much critical acclaim.

He has also shown in The Future Can Wait, a multidisciplinary survey show which was conceived to complement and complete London’s Frieze.