Tagsmart offers smart, secure solutions to seal the authenticity of artworks, instantly disown fakes, safeguard artists and sellers' reputation, streamline the certification issuing and verification process, and provide collectors peace of mind. The Tagsmart products can be used individually or collectively, from DNA Tags to paper and digital Certificates of Authenticity.

DNA TAG Tagsmart Art Certificate

Certificate of Authenticity

A single click generates a secure Certificate of Authenticity, providing accredited ownership history.

DNA Tags

Protect an artwork in seconds, using revolutionary technology featuring the latest DNA and security elements.

Tagsmart Art Certificate

"We are happy to provide Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity to our collectors as it offers them extra reassurance and reinforces the value of their purchase." 
 Lewis McNaught, Director of the Mall Galleries

PROVENANCE RECORD Tagsmart Art Certificate

Provenance Record

Create, access, display and share an artwork's digital counterpart which becomes a passport over time.

"Working with Tagsmart to create a technologically advanced and safe method of certifying my work now means that its authenticity and value is safeguarded in a simple, easy-to-use way". - Dan Hiller, Artist