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Businesses expand their relationship to offer tagged and certificated artworks via Tagsmart’s new B2B platform -Press Release (PDF 80KB) -September 2018

artellite art certification tagsmart

Tagsmart will offer its certification services across Artellite's platforms           -Press Release (PDF 80KB)                        -September 2018

artsnap  tagsmart art certification

ArtSnap joins Tagsmart for the launch of the Hub                                                        -Press Release (PDF 80KB)                           -August 2018

art republic  tagsmart art certification partners with Tagsmart to provide new services to artists         
Press release (PDF 80KB)
-August 2018                  

david bowie tagsmart certificate art

Cutting-edge technology authenticates David Bowie's fine art book     
Press release (PDF 80KB)
-January 201    

Absorbing Light 46 by Idris Khan  tagsmart certificate art

Idris Khan help authenticate the provenance of his new work                  Press release (PDF 80 KB)                          – December 2017

lala land bambi  tagsmart certificate art

Tagsmart tags Bambi's Lie Lie Land edition
Press release (PDF 92KB)
– July 3 2017

tagsmart certificate art robert suss
ideelart tagsmart art certify

IdeelArt as the world's first fully DNA tagged & certified online art retailer          -Press Release (PDF 80KB)                          -August 2018

metro imaging  tagsmart art certification

Metro Imaging as the first integrated tagging and certification reseller      
Press release (PDF 80KB)
-May 2018           

the cultivist  tagsmart art certification

The Cultivist announces strategic partnership with Tagsmart            
Press release (PDF 80KB)
-January 2018                                              

tagsmart certificate art aluminium art work

The Aluminium Tags marks its first anniversary
Press release (PDF 80KB)
– November 2017                        

philip mould  tagsmart certificate art

Tagsmart welcomes Philip Mould & Co.
Press release (PDF 92KB)
– June 2017

canvas tag  tagsmart certificate art

New Tagsmart Canvas Tag                         Press release (PDF 95KB)                            – April 2017    

tagsmart art certification the hub art collector

Tagsmart to launch the Hub: the world's first platform to trade trusted art               -Press Release (PDF 80KB)                          -August 2018

own art  tagsmart art certification

Tagsmart announces exclusive offering to Own Art member galleries
Press release (PDF 80KB)
-April 2018      

art republic  tagsmart art certification announce  partnership with Tagsmart           
Press release (PDF 80KB)
-December 2017                                   

brigitte bardot frank sinatra  tagsmart certificate art

Brigitte Bardot and Frank Sinatra are now DNA tagged
Press release (PDF 80KB)
– July 10 2017

chris levine  tagsmart certificate art exhibition

Tagsmart tags Chris Levine’s exhibition
Press release (PDF 85KB)
– April 28 2017

University of Surrey  tagsmart certificate art

Tagsmart and University of Surrey            Press release (PDF 80KB)                          – March 2017


Tagsmart's new Non-Executive Director Robert Suss  (PDF 163KB)                          – March 2017

Introducing Tagsmart's Advisory Board
Press release (PDF 80KB)
– March 2017