What is the marketplace?

The long term vision of Tagsmart is to use our technologies to build a trusted marketplace for all our partners, from artists and galleries to collectors and agents.

Last Autumn we launched Tagsmart Connect: a hub for trading trusted primary works between artists and galleries. We are now growing this service into the Tagsmart Marketplace, a trusted trading platform for both primary and secondary works.

That is why we’ve integrated our technology with ArtSnap, turning it into the first online marketplace that allows collectors, dealers and galleries to trade with trust. ArtSnap is focused on secondary market works by leading modern and contemporary artists sourced from far and wide to ensure great prices.

How does it work?

The Marketplace is backed by an enhanced provenance and Certification system which will support both primary and secondary artworks. The enhanced system has the additional benefit of enabling all of our users to create provenance records for all types of artworks - regardless of whether they are in the Marketplace.

As part of this development we have introduced a new type of certificate - a Statement of Provenance - designed to enable everyone to record artwork provenance and help build value in any collection.