Tagsmart Provenance Record

The pioneering online database containing the records of thousands of artworks is designed to meet the needs of leading artists and galleries. The easy- to-use database makes it simple for users to upload, authenticate, verify and manage artworks as well as discredit fakes, forgeries, and misattributions.

The platform pioneers high level of security to ensure artists and collectors peace-of-mind whilst still being able to store and access artwork information from any device at any time.

The Provenance Record is the digital counterpart to the paper Certificate of Authenticity and serves to track  ownership history of an artwork.

1. View all your artwork information in one place.

2. The blue icon indicates that the artwork has been verified by the artist, or an artist-appointed authority.

3. You can publish your work online on the Tagsmart Directory, making it visible to the public and you can share it on social media by copying the link into a post.

4. Keep track of the provenance of your work by documenting it’s history directly through the Tagsmart Platform. When you certify or transfer the ownership of the work the record will automatically update. You can choose whether to make these events visible on the public record.


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Tagsmart Digital Catalogue

The Digital Catalogue provides a space for artists, galleries, estates and foundations to document their complete body of work as well as access others. This can be done from any device, anywhere.


1. Use the filter tool to manage your collection, easily grouping together all tagged works or works that have been transferred to your collectors.

2. Search your catalogue to locate an artwork record.

3. View a summary of each of your artworks at a glance.

4. This symbol indicates the status of your work. Hover over the icon with your mouse to see whether it has been verified, certified, tagged or transferred to a collector.

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