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Tagsmart connects artists to online retailers and protects the art sold using our Certify technology. This service enables everyone to trade trusted art.

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The process

In a nutshell.

The Tagsmart ecosystem consists of artists, trusted artworks and channels. Artists register on the Tagsmart online platform, create artworks, and verify that the data is correct. The works can then be tagged and the Certificates of Authenticity generated. Channels are third parties who need trusted art: online galleries especially, but also art fairs, dealers and other organisations. Connect will allow you to submitt works to different channels from one single platform, saving you time instead of having to create a profile for each one.

What does the artist do?

The artist documents and verifies their works on the Tagsmart platform. They can then browse the channels on the Hub, check out information about them and view their Terms and Conditions. Channels have a contractual responsibility to ensure that all submitted works are given exactly the same commission or other treatment as applies to their other artists. Once an artist finds a channel they like, it's a simple matter of ticking their acceptance of the terms and choosing which works they would like to submit.

What do channels do?

Channels can browse submitted works and accept or reject them. Once accepted, Tagsmart transmits the work data to the channel where it is put up for sale, entered into an Open Call or used in whatever process the channel is operating.

How long does a channel have to consider my works?

The channel has up to 10 days to review all submissions and decide whether to accept or release them. After this time, if no action is taken, then the work will be automatically released back to you and you can submit it to a different channel.

What happens when a work is accepted?

When a channel accepts a work, you will see the work's status updated in your Tagsmart account. The channel can access the relevant artwork information to post the work for sale on their site. When the work is sold, its status will be updated on the platform and the artist will be notified directly by the channel owner to arrange the fulfilment of the order

Who is responsible for shipping the artwork?

Normally, the artist is in charge of shipping the artwork to the collector. Some channels offer assistance with shipping.

Can I change the price of a work after submitting it to a channel?

No, once a work has been submitted the price cannot be adjusted.

Can I sell the same artwork through other platforms outside of Tagsmart?

As with a consignment, once you've submitted a work to a channel and it's been accepted, you, of course, cannot offer the same work for sale elsewhere. However, if the work is still unsold after a period of time, you can request it to be released back to your account. This period is normally three months from the first on-sale date but may vary according to the channel's individual terms and conditions.

How many artworks can I upload?

As many as you want, there is no limit!

Is there a delivery window for artists with your online retailers?

This will depend on the individual terms of the online retailer which you will be able to view when you select a channel.


How much does it cost to submit a work?

There is no charge to submit a work. When a work sells, the artist pays Tagsmart only for the tag and Certificate required for that work: we do NOT take any share of the sale proceeds due to the artist. IE if the channel's commission is 50%, the artist will receive the full 50%.

How much commission do the online retailers charge?

The commission depends on the individual retailer (which must be the same for Tagsmart artists as for all their other artists).

Art Republic - 50%

IdeelArt - 50%

Art Snap - 20% above £1,000, 25% between £500 and £1,000 and 30% below £500

When do I pay?

You don’t pay anything until you sell a work. Tags and certificates are paid for when purchased. Discounts and easy payment terms may be available for volume orders.

How much does a Tagsmart tag and Certificate cost?

Every tag comes with a free Certificate and the cost includes the Every tag comes with a free Certificate and the cost includes the Certificate standard fulfilment service (production within 3-5 working days and P&P within the UK). For deliveries outside the UK, P&P is £3.50 extra.

If you purchase tags and apply them to an artwork before submitting it to a channel, the following standard pricing applies:

Paper tag + Certificate = £20+VAT

Transfer tag + Certificate = £40+VAT

Canvas tag + Certificate = £55+VAT

If you choose to tag the work after it is sold, £10 will be added to the tag price.

We also offer a Concierge Service where we tag the works for you and manage the provenance records. There is a fee of £5 per work and a call out charge of £50 (in London: contact us for other location costs). Volume discounts are also available.

Can I edit the price of a work after it has been submitted to a channel?

No, after a work has been submitted to a channel, the price cannot be changed.

Does the shipping cost have to be included in the price?

The price you quote is the price the collector will be asked to pay, inclusive of shipping. Whether or not to increase the artwork price to cover shipping costs is down to the artist.


Can artists have access to the collector’s information?

As a general rule, you are not permitted - other than for the purposes of dispatching the work - to contact a channel's collectors directly.

What rights do channels have to my artwork images?

Subject to their terms and conditions, they will normally have the rights to usage reasonably required to promote your work. Work images on the Tagsmart platform can be shared by collectors after purchase, so you should consider watermarking any images that you do not wish to be publicly available. Tagsmart is launching an advanced image management feature on its platform later in 2018.


How do emerging artists benefit from art certification?

Artists at any stage of their career should certificate their work once is sold. Certifying your work will not only profesionalise your practice but will prepare your work for the art market.

Who can become a channel?

Online retailers, galleries, art fairs and online publications: pretty well anyone who has a commercial interest in trusted art.

If an artist is already with a retailer on your list, do they maintain their bilateral relationship with that retailer, with no need for Tagsmart involvement?

No. When you enter into a contract with a channel over the Tagsmart platform, any terms in that contract which conflict with terms in your original agreement with the channel will prevail. Remember, however, that a channel is not permitted to offer terms to Tagsmart artists that are less favourable than those offered to their existing artists.

Can someone else, i.e a printer or a framer, tag my work on my behalf?

Yes, provided that you grant them permission to do so. This permission can be managed on the Tagsmart platform: contact Tagsmart Support for more information.

What happens if I decide to cancel my account or you discontinue the service?

You can request all your data to be delivered to you in an industry standard format for use as you choose, and for your personal data to be destroyed. If the service is discontinued for any reason, we have a third party scheme that will ensure the availability of service and data recovery for all users for a period of 1 year after the event.

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