Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity

The Tagsmart certification process is designed to protect buyers and sellers against fakes and forgeries by offering an accredited document of ownership.

In recent years, in conjunction with the rapid expansion of the global art market, concerns have been raised over shortcoming with regulation, transparency, and standards within the sector. According to Deloitte's Art & Finance Report 2016, 75% of all stakeholders surveyed agree that 'authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery, and attribution' are the biggest threats to confidence in the art market.

Tagsmart offers a simple and secure solution to these problems with the aim of fostering trust and credibility among artists, galleries, and collectors.


Artists, galleries, publishers and estates can now effortlessly generate secure Certificate of Authenticity for their collectors.  

1. To view you Provenance Record, visit: certify.tagsmart.com and enter in the search box the artwork ID identified in the top left of the Certificate. Alternatively, you can scan the barcode with your smartphone using a barcode reader app.

2. Information about the artwork, as supplied by the original creator of the Tagsmart artwork record.

3. Details on the past and current owner. Please note that this information will only appear on the paper Certificate at the discretion of the individual who issues it. It will never be shown on the paper Certificate. It will never be shown on the public Provenance Record.

4. Each Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity signed by the individual who created the artwork record.

5. Holographic- bordered tape which, when peeled off reveals a unique  6-digit code. This code is required to complete the transfer of an artwork from one owner to another and, if removed under other circumstances, voids the Certificate of Authenticity.

The Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity are printed on high quality, 270gsm archival paper and shipped directly to the buyer.


Want to issue secure Certificates of Authenticity?