The pioneering online database containing the records of thousands of artworks is designed to meet the needs of leading artists and galleries. The easy- to-use database makes it simple for users to upload, authenticate, verify and manage artworks as well as discredit fakes, forgeries, and misattributions.

The cloud-based software uses industry- standards SSL security to ensure artists and collectors peace-of-mind whilst still being able to store and access artwork information from any device at any time.

Tagsmart Provenance Record

The Provenance Record is the digital counterpart to the paper Certificate of Authenticity and serves to track  ownership history of an artwork.

1.Access artists' websites and social media channels through the Provenance Record to stay up-to-date with their latest news.

2. 'Verified' means that the artworks have completed the authentication process, having been virtually signed by the artist, gallery, estate, or foundation that created the Record.


3. The Provenance Record can be easily shared across social media or sent to interested parties via email. Note that when you issue a Certificate, you choose whether or not this information will be shown on the paper Certificate of Authenticity; it is never shown on the public Provenance Record.

4. Transfer of ownership and tagging can be done through the Certify Platform To do this, log on to and follow the appropriate link

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Tagsmart Digital Catalogue

The Digital Catalogue provides a space for artists, galleries, estates and foundations to document their complete body of work as well as access others. This can be done from any device, anywhere.

Tagsmart Certify Digital Catalogue

1. The Digital Catalogue is searchable in the Tagsmart online platformWe use SSL Security, an industry standard for encrypting private data over the internet, to guarantee private information remains private.

2. Artists can register with Tagsmart to protect themselves from identity fraud as well as increase their visibility online.

3. Buyers may request Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity for previously purchased artworks, helping artists, galleries, estates and foundations connect with collectors, organise their back catalogue and decry fakes, forgeries and misattributions.

4. Following the transfer and tagging status of your artwork.

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