Smart Tag for Paper Works

Smart Tag for Aluminium Works

Your Aluminium Tag Pack consists of a folder with the following supplies:
• Your Aluminium tags, each on its own index card.
• Abrasion pad(s) – one for each 20 tags in your order.
• Abrasion mask – used during surface preparation (see below).
• Cleaning pads – one for each tag in your order.

Applying an aluminium tag is a short, simple process. Aluminium surfaces are liable to oxidation and may still contain oil or other coatings, so they require a little preparation before any tag can be applied.


Take the abrasion mask and place it on the aluminium surface where you wish the tag to be applied. Using one of the supplied abrasion pads, gently but firmly and thoroughly abrade the aluminium surface. The abrasion mask will restrict the abrasion to the required area.

Once you have thoroughly abraded the surface - an approximate guide would be 10 seconds of 'sanding' – replace the abrasion mask and pad in their respective sleeves for future use.

You now need to remove any particles and grease: take one of the cleaning pad envelopes, open the envelope and remove the pad. These are standard glasses cleaning pads but in our tests have shown to be the most effective at this task. Thoroughly clean the abraded area, refolding the pad as necessary to remove as much dirt as possible.

Wait for the cleaned area to dry: the pads are solvent-based and the area should dry in a few seconds. You can blow gently on the cleaned area to hasten the process if you wish.

Tagging & recording

Applying a tag is just like applying any other normal stick label. Take a tag and peel it gently from its card, taking great care NOT to let your fingers touch the sticky surface of the tag.

Place the tag in the desired position on the surface and rub down firmly. And that's it!

Immediately after you have tagged the work, you should assign the tag ID to the artwork record on the platform. To do this, log in to the platform at On the homepage, click on the TAG button on the artwork (or edition that contains the artwork) you have just tagged.