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Tagsmart Artist of the Month Chris Levine

Chris Levine

Chris Levine is a pioneer in the field of light art, creating and adapting technology in the pursuit of expansive visual sensations through work that has been referred to as transformational. Levine’s innovative practice is distinguished by collaboration and cross-fertilization. Incorporating numerous mediums, his creativity is manifest in a multitude of projects. The artist cites much inspiration from his practice of meditation and his work has a spiritual dimension that often defies categorisation. 

Levine's exhibition Who are wE_+ on show at The Fine Art Society until May 19, expands on this search for what defines a person, presenting portraits of four new sitters: Naomi Campbell, Paul Smith, Ranulph Fiennes and Giorgio Armani. Through his interventions, we discover a new and intimate dimension for these public figures, whose faces we might think we know so well. Levine employs advanced photographic and printing technologies, to pursue a mystery that may be beyond the bandwidth of our visual perception. The works on display are certified with Tagsmart Smart Tags and linked to its secure Certificate of Authenticity and digital counterpart.

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At Tagsmart, we want to protect great works of art from forgery, misrepresentation and fraud. We also care deeply that our solution should be for the art world and developed by the art world. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of these leading UK and international artists and institutions, we've been able to do just that. Our deepest thanks to our Founding Artists, who've given us invaluable assistance and feedback throughout the development of the Tagsmart Certify solution.

Mario Testino

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"A straightforward means of protecting my intellectual property; with the swift application of a tag I can digitally certify my works, and disown forgeries wherever they appear. It has allowed me to build stronger relationships with collectors, who now know that they can purchase my works with the absolute certainty that it has come directly from my studio."

Mat Collishaw

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Chris Levine

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