Own art from a living artist? Request a Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity is intended to protect the value of your art, to act as a part of the provenance chain. And if you ever come to sell your work, it is often a key element of the deal. Sadly, many Certificates of Authenticity are insecure, easily copied, or simply lost. Artists and galleries are rightly reluctant to re-issue them and if there are fraudulent Certificates of Authenticity out there, the value of yours is obviously undermined.

The Tagsmart Certificate represents a new standard for Certificates of Authenticity that:

Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity

• Is personal to you and has a host of anti-counterfeiting measures.

• Includes essential content about the work directly from the artist to assist with authenticity verification.

• Links to an online artwork record provided directly by the artist that you can share with friends and family.

Note that the price of the Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity can be adjusted by the artist.

If you have a work by a living artist, request one here. Please note there is no guarantee the artist will accept this request.* We don’t take any specific steps to verify the artist’s identity, or that the artist created your artwork.

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* After submitting the details requested above, we will contact the artist on your behalf and inform you if your application has been accepted. If approved, we will confirm the price set by the artist for the Certificate of Authenticity so you can then decide whether or not to proceed.

Tagsmart is not responsible for the application result and will act solely as a mediator between you and the artist. See the Tagsmart Terms of Use for full terms and conditions.

If you have multiple pieces that you would like to request Certificates for, please complete a separate form for each.