Tagsmart offers smart, secure solutions for artists to protect their work, seal its authenticity, instantly disown fakes, safeguard their reputation, and streamline their certification issuing and verification process to offer collectors 21st-century peace of mind. 

The Tagsmart products can be used individually or collectively, from Smart Tags to paper and digital Certificates of Authenticity.

Tagsmart Certify Smart Tags for Paper works

Smart Tag for Paper Works

Artists can apply a genetic "stamp" to protect their artworks in seconds.

1. Unique ink mark for each individual artwork. Every component is part of a complex web of security measures, using revolutionary label technology featuring the latest DNA taggants and inorganic compounds.

2. A micro-thin, 30 mm diameter paper mask houses our multi-layered proprietary adhesive. The mask, including the adhesive layer, is just 30 microns thick.

3. Each artwork has its own unique reference number, linked to its secure Certificate of Authenticity and its digital counterpart and searchable online.

Smart Tag for Aluminium Works

1. A micro-thin, 38 mm diameter ink transfer houses our multi-layered tag security and creates a tag that is just 8 microns thick.

2. The uniquely coded tag bonds directly to the aluminium and disintegrates with any attempt to tamper or remove it.

3. Each artwork has its own unique reference number, linked to its Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity and its digital counterpart and searchable online.

Tagsmart Certify Smart Tags for Aluminium works

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Tagsmart Certify Smart Certificates of Authenticity

Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity

Artists can effortlessly generate secure Certificates of Authenticity for collectors. The Tagsmart Certificates are printed on high quality, 270gsm archival paper and shipped directly to the buyer.

1. Each Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity is uniquely paired to its digital counterpart, which becomes a passport over time. The digital Certificate is accessible through its unique URL address or by simply scanning the barcode with a smartphone QR code reader.

2. The Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity security measures include verification data encoded as safety cuts into the paper.

3. Artwork record content curated by the artist.

4. Option to personalise the Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity (any personal content will not be viewable in the searchable Tagsmart Certify platform).

5. Each Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity is uniquely signed by the artist.

6. Security counterfoil which, when peeled off, reveals a unique 6-digit code to enable the artwork's transfer of ownership.

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Tagsmart Digital Certificates

A digital companion that becomes a passport over time featuring the artwork’s provenance and searchable online in the Tagsmart Certify digital platform. 

1. The artist's website and social media channels can be seamlessly accessed from the digital Certificate so that page viewers can keep updated with their latest news.

2. Authentic artworks have a 'verified' status. 'Verified' means the digital Certificate has been digitally signed by the artist.

3. The digital Certificate can be shared across social media or linked to via email.

4. Transfer of ownership can be applied for directly from the Tagsmart Certify digital platform. The artist may also effortlessly link the digital Certificate to the artwork's Smart Tag unique reference number.

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Tagsmart Certify Digital Catalogue

Online Digital Catalogue

Artists can create, access and display their online catalogue anytime, anywhere, and on any device, documenting and showcasing their complete body of work. 

1. The artist's online catalogue is searchable online in the Tagsmart Certify database.

2. Artists can register their name with Tagsmart to protect their unique identity, increase their online visibility and end concerns over name ambiguity.

3. Buyers may request Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity for previously purchased artworks, helping artists connect with collectors, organise their back catalogue and decry fakes, forgeries or artworks wrongly attributed to them.

4. Visually clear artwork ownership and tagging status.

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Pay On Sale for Artists

Tagsmart Certify Pay On Sale for Artists

Using Tagsmart Certify just got a whole lot easier: qualifying artists can apply our tags to their artwork and only pay us on sale. It's that simple. Our Pay On Sale approach is based on mutual success, that is, we only get paid when you transfer ownership of your artwork. If you have a track record of sales as an artist, you may qualify for our Pay On Sale offering*. So just register or give us a call and we'll talk you through it. 

Seal the authenticity of your work and offer your collectors 21st-century peace of mind with Tagsmart. 

*Terms of Use apply.

Pay On Sale is governed by a separate Tagsmart Pay On Sale contract that qualifying artists enter into.  

There is an annual subscription fee and a minimum order quantity of Smart Tags and Certificates.