Tagsmart has developed a unique, secure genetic “stamp” to identify, seal and verify the authenticity of artworks. Following an extensive collaboration between leading artists, surface chemists and conservators, every component of the Tag is part of a complex web of security measures, using revolutionary label technology featuring the latest synthetic DNA taggants and inorganic compounds.

Each Tag has its own unique reference number, linked to the artwork's secure Certificate of Authenticity and its online Provenance Record.

Tagsmart Smart Tags for Canvas Works

Canvas Tag

1. Acid/chlorine free. Includes archival components and nano-technology security.

2. In response to conservators' requests and canvasses qualities and pliability, the 38 mm diameter tag is reversibly affixed and permanently flexible. 

Tagsmart Smart Tags for Paper Works

Paper Tag

1. A micro-thin, 32 mm diameter paper mask houses our multi-layered proprietary adhesive. The mask, including the adhesive layer, is 30 microns thick.

2. Unique ink mark to every individual artwork.

Aluminium Tag

1. A micro-thin, 38 mm diameter ink transfer houses our multi-layered tag security and creates a tag that is just 8 microns thick.

2. The tamper-proof tag can be applied in seconds and bonds directly to the aluminium. It disintegrates with any attempt to tamper or remove it.

Tagsmart Smart Tags for Aluminium Works

Want to order DNA Tags?

White-labeling of our DNA Tags is available at an additional cost. You will also have the ability to issue Certificate of Authenticity. Please contact us for more information.